Outlander Recap: “Lallybroch”

Claire and Jamie NEW 2

“Take me home to Lallybroch.” Those were the last words that Claire spoke to Jamie in last week’s episode of Outlander and in last night’s episode taking Claire to his ancestral home is exactly what Jamie does. On the final approach to Broch Tuarach, Claire and Jamie are caught in a conversation where she is telling him about airplanes and ... Read More »

Lost Girl Mini-Recap: “Like Hell, Part 2”

Lost Girl Season 5

The continuation of the two-part season premiere of Lost Girl aired last night on Syfy, finding Kenzi placed in the coffin in her cemetery plot because Bo traded her soul for Kenzi’s while in the Underworld. Thankfully Dyson and Lauren were able to dig Kenzi out of her grave, but saving Bo from the Underworld proved to be a little ... Read More »


4.23.15 TVD

It’s all about humanity in Mystic Falls. Stefan got his back (thank goodness) and now it’s time to bring the real Caroline back. This cold, heartless, mean-girl Caroline has got to go! Let’s get down to it! Damon, Stefan and Elena had a plan to get Caroline’s humanity back. Stefan had to trick Caroline into believing that he did not ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: First Lady Sings the Blues


I was annoyed last week – annoyed that Olivia, crazy smart Olivia, can’t seem to find a man her Dad didn’t pick for her. I totally understand the premise of Scandal. Olivia is this badass business woman. She handles shit, like a boss. Her personal life however is a mess and I’m okay with that. What annoys me is that ... Read More »

SYFY Announces Summer Schedule


Syfy has just released their summer programming schedule and it includes some new shows along with returning favorites. We’ve got our eyes on Dark Matter and Killjoys, to same a couple. Our Syfy ladies can’t wait for Dominion and Defiance to come back.  How about you? What are you looking forward to? Press release Syfy continues to roll out an ambitious ... Read More »


MF Knock Em Down

Yay! Modern Family is back! Did Phil commit a crime? Does Jay act gay to be a part of a bowling team? I would say yes to both of those questions! As you can see, there was a lot going on in this episode so let’s get to it! Cam asked Jay to fill in on his all-gay bowling team ... Read More »

ARROW: “The Fallen” Recap


This weeks opens where we left off last week: with Thea stabbed on the floor of the apartment before Oliver rushes in to get her to the hospital. Early on it doesn’t look good for her chances of survival – and that’s what Oliver needs is another dead female support – but she doesn’t pull through, or at least she ... Read More »

CASTLE Recap: 7×20 “Sleeper” ~or~ A Frayed Knot


I honestly have no idea how to approach this recap. I mean, at least I’m coming at this from an honest direction, right? Lemme start by not mincing words: I hated it. I’ve never been more disappointed in Castle – the Showrunner, the Writers, the Editors… The only people I can’t place blame upon are the actors and the people that ... Read More »