LOST GIRL “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts” Sneak Peek


Lost Girl is all new on Syfy tonight and it looks like it is going to be another great episode. How could it not be when it’s episode title is a play on one of the best speeches from Friday Night Lights? Tamsin goes undercover as a college cheerleader to help Dyson with his investigation of a murdered football player. ... Read More »

BITTEN “Bad Dreams” Sneak Peek


Guess what? It’s Friday and that means tonight Bitten is all new on Syfy. A Spanish Alpha tries to blackmail Jeremy into murdering another Alpha. Meanwhile, Savannah visits Elena to reveal a disturbing premonition Bad Dreams – Sneak Peek Just when things seem under control … this happens. Bitten airs 9/8c on Friday on Syfy Read More »


5.21.15 MF American Skyper 2

I can’t believe the season finale is here already! This season has flown by so fast! This episode was funny as always, and I liked the Robot Phil element (I would love to see some behind the scenes footage on how they shot those scenes). But the nail biter is the big Andy/Haley/Beth cliffhanger! We will definitely tune in next ... Read More »

THE FLASH: “Fast Enough” {Recap}


Here we are at the finale of season one and there’s so many items that hopefully will be explained or hand-waved away for this to feel satisfying. Firstly, we have Eobard Thawne’s Evil Speech of Evil for why he did what he did all those years ago – all in the name of defeating the man Eobard hates – but ... Read More »

Women Behind the Scenes Spotlight: Allison “Ali” Adler


Today’s Women Behind the Scenes spotlight is focused on Executive Producer and Writer Allison “Ali” Adler. Allison is a native Californian, who got her start in the industry working on shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Flipper. Her big break came in 1997, though, where she worked as a co-producer on the comedy Veronica’s Closet. From 2001 through 2003, Ali ... Read More »

My Picks for the 2015-2016 Fall TV Season

Network Logos

Over the course of last week, all five of the major networks made their official announcements about their fall schedules, including the new shows for which each network has picked up either for the fall or for mid-season. The following are the new dramas that I think are the most interesting or the ones for which I am most curious. ... Read More »

Outlander Recap: “Wentworth Prison”


Last night’s episode of Outlander was THE most difficult one of the entire season; much like that entire storyline in the book by Diana Gabaldon is THE most difficult to read through. Any fan who has read the book knows just how horrible Black Jack Randall treats (or more specifically mistreats) Jamie Fraser. To see it played out on screen ... Read More »



Fans of The Mindy Project can finally breathe again – the show will (thankfully) continue to live on, thanks to Hulu having the brains to pick up the show after FOX decided to let the show go last week. This past week and a bit has had The Mindy Project fans on edge after word spread that FOX would not ... Read More »