THE X-FILES: What we Loved & Hated about Kitten

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X-Files 11.6 Kitten

After a number of excellent episodes, we were due for a mediocre/poor one and that is what Kitten proved to be. We learned that Skinner was a Vietnam vet who was exposed to a poisonous gas when he was a soldier, but other than that, this episode had little to offer. I’m assuming the loose teeth is related to the “crop dusting” we saw at the end of the episode. Seems like that would draw unwanted attention to the whole situation, but who knows?

What we loved:

  • Nice to get a bit of Skinner backstory
  • Scully saves the day
  • Classic small town where bad things happen

What we hated:

  • Almost no witty lines, which is what I love the most about The X-Files
  • Ho-hum plot – it just didn’t keep my attention. I found myself checking email and my mind wandering

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