LUCIFER: “My Brother’s Keeper”, or how Ella is really the best

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This week on Lucifer we dealt with a lot of family issues, whether it be biological family, celestial family, or chosen family. Join Melissa, Cay, Karen, and Lisa as we break down “My Brother’s Keeper”.

While the title of this week’s episode is a direct reference to Cain and Abel, our main story was actually about Ella and her brother with a side of Lucifer and his brother. This is a show about family, just not the usual family. What did you learn about family this week?

Melissa: Does it seem to anyone else that Ella is actually the member of her family that everyone should be looking up to? So far we’ve met one brother who is a car thief and another who helps diamond thieves, and both of them used/manipulated Ella for their own gain. I think Ella deserves a lot more credit than she receives. And I think Lucifer deserves some credit for stepping into the big brother role and having her back. P.S. Lucifer’s eyes flashed when he threatened Jay! Barely, I had to rewind and watch again to make sure that’s what I saw, but they did! So is his devil face returning?

Cay: Yeah, Ella is without a doubt the decent role model in the family. I find myself wondering about their parents! Luci ticked at Amenadiel is less annoying that Luci flipping out over his Dad, so there’s that.

Lisa: Yeah, Ella definitely gets the gold star for that family, and I agree with Cay I’m curious about her parents. I hope we get to dig more into her family history and see who her parents are. Also I noticed Luci’s eyes flashing too and I definitely think that devil face is coming back. 👹

Karen: I grew up in a “normal” family, although it’s had some rough patches, so it’s always interesting to read/watch about dysfunctional ones. Ella definitely knows hers isn’t normal, although she still thinks Jay is the paragon older brother. She and Ricardo apparently had their run-ins with the law, so she probably needs Jay to be “perfect”. I’m glad Lucifer is protective of her, I just hope her bro won’t cause her more trouble in the future. I’m with you guys, I also wonder about the ‘rents.

We learned that Amenadiel placed the mark on Cain. Does that change anything?

Melissa: Aside from answering the question of who administered the mark, no? I have a question mark here because I have to think that this revelation is more significant than it appears at this point. I mean, if Amenadiel can’t kill Cain, then what’s the point?

Cay: So, now I’m trying to think if Amenadiel would have ever seen Pierce/Cain anywhere before Luci went to him. Because presumably he would have recognized him. Even if he did, though, would he have told Luci? Amenadiel marked him, but can’t kill him…I also don’t exactly understand why if the mark keeps healing that Cain keeps getting it redone?

Lisa: I’m glad I’m not the only one a little confused here. I don’t understand why Amenadiel (Editor: Fun fact – Lisa’s original comment autocorrected “Amenadiel” to “a minute deal”.) can’t remove the mark since he’s the one who marked Cain. Is he telling the truth? Do you think he could remove it and somehow, in the spirit of Blindspot, it was erased from his memory? I don’t know, I’m totally grasping for straws but I don’t understand the purpose there. Hopefully we will get some answers sooner rather than later.

Karen: Well, we already knew that Amenadiel was his father’s emissary when it came to things like this, I just hadn’t thought about the seal having to be “applied” by an angel. I’m not sure Amenadiel is 100% on the removal or being able to kill Cain, because he thinks the punishment is fitting. He’s a bit pious when it comes to things of that sort. He definitely doesn’t care if Luci’s made a deal, he has nothing to do with it. I think Cain having to reapply is part of his punishment.

Amenadiel and Cain had an epic throwdown at Lux. Did we – or they – actually learn anything or was it just an excuse for an immortal fight scene?

Melissa: Again, what was the point? Was Amenadiel testing Cain to see if he was actually immortal? Or was it simply two angry dudes taking out their anger on each other, then shrugging and moving on? I really don’t know what was gained from the fight.

Cay: Luci’s insurance must be through the roof, haha. I feel like Lux/his apartment get smashed up every few episodes. It seemed to me that Amenadiel, despite his protestations to Luci actually did try to kill Cain in many ways.

Lisa: That damn fight went on way too long. I felt it was unnecessary and a little too much of a pissing contest that no one could win. It was mildly entertaining for the first 10 seconds and then it was too much and, like Mel said, nothing was gained.

Karen: I like the fight scenes, but I too thought it was unnecessary. Amenadiel is frustrated by a lot of things right now, and perhaps the writers were showing his transference. He can’t even go to Dr. Linda since he’s conflicted, and he probably feels like he can’t talk about everything with her.

We had some new/rare pairs in this episode – Charlotte & Dr. Linda, Trixie and Ella, Ella and Maze, Cain and Amenadiel. What worked? What didn’t? Who do you want to see more of in the future?

Melissa: Ella and Trixie have potential for sure! I’m a little worried about Maze and Ella, but that could be fun. I like that Charlotte and Dr. Linda could work through their issues together and come out better for it, but I’m not sure I need to see that process, if that makes sense. A little scene or line here and there will suffice.

Cay: As much as I worry for Trixie because Maze is a questionable role model, I love that she is teaching her to be a little badass. Girl after my own heart – I took krav maga for 4 years!

Lisa: I’m so excited that we finally found the best place for Ella, and it is with Trixie. Prior to this episode, Ella has not been my favorite, I like her but everyone else loves her and I just “like” her if that makes sense. In this episode, I loved her with Trixie and I’m here for their friendship. I definitely want more Trixie and Ella together. And to piggyback off what Cay said, seeing Trixie kick a little ass was awesome as well.

Karen: I liked seeing Charlotte with Dr. Linda, because we see that she still suffers a great deal of trauma over her attack. With Charlotte showing up in her office, she had to face that head on. Then Luci telling her that Charlotte was just a normal person forced Dr. Linda to try and help Char, since she knows the fallout from her experience is just as difficult as the attack she suffered at Mum’s hands.


Melissa: Ella. Her faith in Jay may have been misplaced, but she was determined to do right by him and used her resources to find the truth.

Cay: Trixie! Although I agree with Melissa – Ella is the most honest, genuine character in the whole show.

Lisa: Trixie is pretty much always going to be my MVP. #SceneStealer

Karen: Ella was great here. I liked her with Maze. The range of emotions Aimee had to show over the course of the episode was more than she usually gets, and she handled it with ease. Loved her.

Favorite scene/line?

Melissa: I liked Lucifer standing up for Ella to her brother. The relationship developing there is very sweet, but it makes me wonder what will happen when she realizes who he is.

Chloe to Ella: “I know the knife belongs to Maze. We live together. I recognize the blade.”

Lisa: Just hearing Luci say the phrase “space vagina” cracked me up. Who thinks of this stuff? 😂 I really enjoyed the Trixie and Ella scene. They were so cute together.

Karen: omg, Trixie & Ella with the sushi shirt? Adorable. I also liked the scene between Lucifer and Jay at the end. He cares for his friends very deeply and this scene proves that.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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