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Blindspot 3.11 Technology Wizards

On this week’s Blindspot, Kurt and Jane…and Clem…attempt to rescue Avery now that they have proof that she’s alive. Meanwhile, back at home, someone is exploiting Patterson’s “backdoor” into Wizardville and using it to blackmail/extort some of her subscribers. The hunt for the hacker leads back to Rich Dotcom’s previous lover.

Here are our thoughts on the episode. Please share yours in the comments.

For a smart person, Patterson sometimes comes off as pretty dumb! Why wouldn’t she have thought that someone could exploit her backdoor?

Rueben:  I think she honesty thought no one would find or learn about the backdoor.  Sure, that’s dumb.  But what bothered me more was that she hired Boston – a known con man and bad guy (sure he’s not a murderous villain like so many others they have faced) – to work for her.  She didn’t think that given his level of skill wouldn’t find that backdoor.  She should have closed up that backdoor and thrown the key away.  That was dumb too.  Or perhaps more she just makes some bad decisions that make her look dumb.  I’m torn.

Roz: For someone so smart, I think she also believes that people will not exploit some loopholes. I’m with Rueben in questioning bringing on Boston in the first place, but I think she wants to be like Candide and believe all people are good (she knows better in an objective sense from all this work their doing, but it’s different for something like an app).

Lisa: I was pretty disappointed in her decisions this week because she is smarter than that. Hiring a known criminal is never a smart move no matter how nice he is.

Cay: She also brought in Rich, and he’s a criminal, too. Sometimes I feel like Patterson is so smart, that she thinks she’s smarter than anyone else, and this leads her to make poor decisions sometimes because she underestimates others.  I’m guessing her backdoor wasn’t illegal, because that didn’t come up, just that it was a bad idea. As an aside, what the heck is up with the lighting in Patterson’s work area? Why is it always dark and blue lit? Weird. All the other sets for the show are brightly lit.

Yay or nay on a Rich Dotcom themed episode?

Rueben:  I like the addition of Rich Dotcom; he adds the levity that is needed in the show given how heavy and dark it is most of the time.  This may have not been the best Rich Dotcom-centric episode, but it was fun to see him and he did a few good quips in here and there.

Roz: I’m always for RIch episodes, but this one was only half about him. He was a piece of Boston’s life not the center of the computer work.

Lisa: Yay! I love Rich.com episodes. He cracks me up!

Cay: Yep, I love Rich, too. He brings much needed levity and he gets some of the funniest lines and it’s nice to get a bit more back story about what happened in the time between he was on the FBI’s Most Wanted until he started working for them.

Where do Weller and Jane go from here? He clearly didn’t kill Avery, but he did hide it from Jane and Jane definitely had an affair with Clem.

Rueben:  I’m not sure really.  They’ve both kept secrets  – much more than just Avery and her presumed death.  I have a real problem with her having an affair with Clem because marriage vows are sacred to me.  They will have a long way to go to get ‘back’ to any kind of normal.

Roz: They’ve been fundamentally flawed from the beginning, but there are so many skeletons in each of their closets that I can’t tell what should (and will) happen next.

Lisa: that’s a tough one. I’m so disappointed in Jane for having the affair and I just don’t see how they are going to patch it up. But under the guise of protecting each other, they seem to hurt each other instead and that’s not healthy for a relationship. Like Rueben said, it’s going to take time for them to get back to normal if they can overcome the issues in their marriage.

Cay: I’m so on Weller’s side of this one. I thought he was extremely mature in how he handled working with Clem. Meanwhile, I think Jane is/has treated him very poorly and needs to get a grip.

What are your predictions for the Jane-Avery relationship and story?

Rueben:  Roman manipulated Avery hard core – just like Shepherd did to him and Jane.  I don’t think that it’s going to be a warm, fuzzy reunion at all – this is Blindspot after all.  I don’t think I trust Avery given that she was meeting with Roman before hand; and I think this is all part of Roman’s overall plan.  Whatever that might be beyond bringing Crawford down.

Cay: I hope Jane keeps her at arms length for a while, because I don’t think she can be trusted. Hopefully things will work out better than Jane’s “rescue” of Roman…

Roz: Lots of manipulation by everyone? I just think that relationship has been spoiled from day one and it won’t be healed by talking.

Lisa: it’s sad to say, but I don’t think they will ever have a real relationship. Avery is too far gone and has her mind made up about Jane. Also she doesn’t know who to trust because Roman has completely screwed with her head. It’s definitely not going to be the reunion Jane wanted if they have a relationship at all. I just don’t see it.


Rueben:  Crazy enough – Rich Dotcom.  He may have not won Boston back, but he rushed in to make sure Boston was okay after the raid on Boston’s boyfriend’s place to stop those terrorists when no one else was concerned about him; and he stepped up – two years too late notwithstanding – to express how he felt about Boston.  Can I also say that Sonjay was a little bit of a disappointment given how “wonderful” Rich Dotcom made him out to be (in terms of physical appearance).  I was expecting a Bollywood God of some sort.

Roz: It was a pretty good team effort, but I like Rich’s role and his question looks to Patterson about using Boston over him.

Lisa: scene stealer Rich.com for me!

Cay: Sonjay was good looking, but we certainly didn’t get to see any of the charm before the evil became evident. Loved seeing Rich all jealous. He does have a softer side that he hides with snark – Boston clearly meant a lot to him.

Favorite line or scene?

Rueben:  Just for the intensity factor alone, the scene where Roman and Weller stand off at that bulletproof glass.  I was almost expecting a “hulk” like moment where one of them tried to break through the glass to rip the other’s neck apart, ya know?

Lisa: I thought it was pretty funny when Rich.com called Patterson “All need Patty.” That is a hell of a nickname. Lol

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