LUCIFER Roundtable: Off The Record

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Lucifer introduced us to Dr. Linda’s ex-husband and gave us an interesting perspective on Hell. Check out what we thought.

Looks like this is the last of the stand alone episodes.
Cay: I liked this episode, but I’ll admit I was confused for a good bit of it. I think I must have missed at the beginning when they told us that it was happening a year ago? Then being standalone, it didn’t fit as well with the overall timeline, which really confused me! I love Dr Linda (who doesn’t?) and it was nice to get more of her backstory. She seems to have poor choice in men! It was interesting to hear her justify her continuing emotional relationship with Luci. She gets him, as much anyone.
Leah: If there was a “Year ago” tag at the beginning I missed it too. I don’t like when the audience is also kept in the dark about things I think are important to grasp what is going on.
Karen: There wasn’t a tag. I’m guessing because it wasn’t *actually* a year ago. Reese’s brush with death wasn’t from being poisoned, because the events that unfolded once he woke up happened before all that. Perhaps he was in a car accident? Maybe drunk driving? He’d have to have done something pretty bad to end up in hell, right? I think it was a novel way to make a standalone Lucifer episode, since we got to see through the eyes of someone “wronged” by Lucifer.

Haven’t seen a spiral like Reese’s in some time. How did you like his story?
Cay: I liked how it started, but I think it was a lost opportunity. It would have been great for him to unearth some fact or truth about Lucifer that we haven’t already seen. Between the time jump and other stuff, it was harder to believe that he went that downhill that quickly.
Leah: He went from crazy to crazier in about 10 seconds and stayed there for the entire hour. Honestly. Too much.
Karen: Well, we know that Luci’s devil face can make people do some way out there stuff. Remember the street preacher? Reese seemed to come completely unraveled at that point. His world disintegrated when he found out that heaven and hell were real, and saving Linda became his focus. Catching the serial killer was more about proving Lucifer was evil incarnate than helping society, and that’s super crazytown.

Is it really reminiscent of Dan’s attempts to take down Lucifer from the first season. Did it feel like there was way too much angry dramatics for just one hour?
Cay: Yes, there was a lot to like, but then in the last 10 minutes it got awfully convoluted. Once Reese went to the serial killer, it jumped the shark.
Leah: It was a lot for me.
Karen: I LOVED it. I’m not usually a fan of filler episodes, but I think they did a great job with this one. I’m glad we’re getting back to the serialized arc though. I quite enjoyed Dan and Reese chatting.

Did you see the twist at the end coming? 
Cay: I thought it was clever. I wish we knew what caused his first “near death” experience.
Leah: I didn’t see it coming so that was something at least, but then the whole hour was a waste for me. It didn’t get us anywhere. We learned a little about Dr. Linda, but
not enough for me.
Karen: Holy twist endings Batman! It came completely out of left field, but it made perfect sense. I had to laugh at myself for not seeing it before it was revealed. The second they showed him waking up I did a facepalm. (in a good way)

This has admittedly not been my favorite season. How do you feel so far?
Cay: I liked last week’s episode and this one had some bits I really liked, so I’m reserving judgement for now, but I want to see the next couple be stellar!
Leah: I’m going to need some Emmy Award Winning writing and acting and all around amazing episodes in order for me to be team Lucifer again.
Karen: I dig it! It’s still Lucifer to me. I mean, I get that there are some filler eps up front, but they still feel like the same show. I need better acting from Tom Weller. That’s my big criticism so far.

Can we get an episode with all of our characters already?
Cay: they were all here, just not much Maze.
Leah: No Amenadiel. Maze not interacting with anyone but Reese and for 10 seconds at that. Meh.
Karen: To be fair, Amenadiel wasn’t a big part of those first few cases, so it made sense that he wasn’t in this ep. Lesley is pregnant, so Maze is going to be scarce, which I completely understand. I’m pretty sure once we get into the main arc of the show, it’ll go back to the main characters. These episodes were great though – at least for me.

If you have a favorite line or MVP or whatever…..
Cay: Dr Linda is the easy choice. I liked Luci’s line about boy bands, although I can’t recall it exactly.
Here ya go Cay:
“So, someone’s killing charlatans. Ah. The worst kind of scum. Next to boy bands.” -Lucifer
Karen: Dr. Linda for me as well. One of my fave cast members, and she’s definitely one of the pivot points of the show. She can turn a good episode into a great one.

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