Lucifer Roundtable – They’re Back, Aren’t They?

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After what felt like forever, Lucifer is back and the Nice Girls are thrilled! See what we have to say about the Season 3 premiere They’re Back, Aren’t They?

What did you think about Tom Welling joining the cast this season as Lt. Marcus Pierce? Was a great return to TV for him?
Leah: Oh I’m loving him. His first impressions was fantastic.
Karen: Wow! What a departure from Clark Kent! He’s definitely all grown up and taking charge. Quite the misogynist as well. He seems to like our Luci, and I get a bit of a underhanded vibe from him too.You guys think there’s more to him than what we’re seeing? I sure do.
Melissa: Karen, I’m vibing right there with you. Does he by any chance remind you of Brandon Routh on Chuck? Surface impressions, though, he’s definitely going to cause some trouble among our heroes. I hope the misogyny ends soon, although to be fair, he is kind of an equal opportunity jerk.
Cay: Yep, Melissa, definitely can see the parallels with Routh from Chuck. Hopefully, that doesn’t continue, or Luci and Chloe are in deep trouble! I feel like the station was lacking a bit of discipline, so that could be a good thing, although the “sweetie” described by Ella is certainly not what we’ve seen so far. But a jerk has better comic opportunities.
Lisa: His smart assery is everything! He is a great addition to the show.

Lucifer has his wings back (and can’t get rid of them) and Amenadiel hasn’t gotten his wings or his powers back. Discuss.
Leah: Amenadiel can’t catch a break can he. Poor guy. Luci is determined to do things his way and clearly that isn’t going to be easy.
Karen: I felt HORRIBLE for Amenadiel. Lucifer was trying his damndest not to make him upset, but it’s hard to keep those huge wings a secret. I thought for sure that feather was gonna “heal” Amenadiel again. Maybe they’ll remember that later on? Would that work on his powers/wings?
Melissa: I liked Amenadiel’s take on Lucifer’s wings growing back and his inability to show his devil face: redemption. I don’t think Lucifer is ready to hear or accept that, though.
Cay: Or maybe it’s a test – for both of them! How will both brothers react when they both got opposite of what they really wanted?
Lisa: I like how you are thinking Cay. It would be the ultimate test for them both. I agree with Karen, I felt so bad for Amenadiel.

What did you think about Lucifer attempting to show Chloe his real face? Were you surprised that he was ready to show her his truth? 
Leah: Why Lucifer would think anything would work with Chloe. She can wound him….of course she can’t see his real face.
Karen: I think he’s losing his “Favorite Son” status altogether. He should just unfurl for her since he got those feathers back. If they can’t help with Amenadiel’s issues, maybe they’re switching places? They even mentioned the fact that Amenadiel is the fave now. That was Luci’s title when he was cast out, now that Mr. Morningstar doesn’t seem very devilish, does that mean his brother is becoming Beelzebub?
Melissa: WHY DIDN’T HE SHOW HER HIS WINGS?!? OK, OK, he doesn’t consider those angelic appendages his “true self”. Whatever. It would have helped convince Chloe that he’s supernatural at least.
Cay: YES! This is what I was yelling at the TV, although then we found out he cut them off…and then they grew back. How exactly does that work without destroying his nice suits, btw? While I can see Amedadiel going over to the dark side, imagining Luci as an angel is a bit more of a stretch. Can’t see him suddenly becoming the example of virtue.
Lisa: OMG! I’m glad I was not alone. I was yelling at the TV as well. Show the damn wings! And her reaction feeling that he was playing games with her didn’t work out too well either.

We find out that Luci was kidnapped by The Sinner Man. Any thoughts or theories why? or who?
Leah: I’ve got nothing. 
Karen: *coughTomWellingcough*? I dunno. Nothing in canon as far as I know.
Melissa: I’m with Karen – it’s Tom Welling.  As for the why…I don’t know. Revenge? Maybe he wants to take over running Hell?
Cay: If the kidnapping and the wing-growing are indeed related, then clearly Sinner Man is not a mere mortal, unless he’s working for a supernatural.
Lisa: I was thinking it was somone supernatural also, so maybe Lt. Pierce will will have another face as well. We shall see!

Favorite line or scene?
Leah: Our new Liutenent and Lucifer’s exchange during their introduction.
Karen: So many things to choose from. The whole episode was stellar. What a way to come back from that cliffhanger! I can’t pick any one part out.
Melissa: Ella and Amenadiel’s interactions were fantastic!
Cay: As usual, it was the interaction between Dr. Linda and Luci. He showed her his wings and she handled it pretty well and they had a hilarious exchange “Yeah, well, God’s your father!”. She has him as figured out as anyone does.
Lisa: I loved Lt. Pierce’s line to Chloe. “Nobody likes a credit hog Decker!”

Leah: I’m giving it to Ella. She was everywhere in this episode.
Karen: I dunno. Ella was great, but I’ll say Amenadiel. I’m gutted for him.
Melissa: It’s Ella for me, too. She helped crack the case, provided some comic relief, and helped Amenadiel refocus on his faith.
Lisa: For the first time for me, it is Ella! When she gave Amenadiel the pep talk about faith when he needed it the most, it was pretty priceless.

Any additional comments or predictions?
Leah: I’m just so happy this show is back!
Karen: I’m just putting it out there – There’s something fishy with Pierce. Remember, I have a pretty good prediction track record… *knock wood*
Melissa: Definitely something up with Pierce! Also, all the little callbacks were fun like the douchey hotel owner recognizing Chloe from that hot tub movie and Lucifer’s emoji text to Amenadiel about their mother. Entering the third season, they’ve crafted a shared history that enriches the show; glad to see them using it.
Karen: Also, that guy from last year’s Season Premiere that ended up in his underwear and a tiara being Lucifer’s ride in the desert… PRICELESS
Melissa: Yes! I knew there was another callback but was blanking on it!
Cay: This is THE show that I was most excited to see back and it didn’t disappoint.
Lisa: I’m so glad this show is back! I missed Maze & Trixie though. Hopefully we will see them next week!

Lucifer airs Mondays at its new time 8/7 on Fox.

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