DRAGON CON 2017: Monday Highlights

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While majority of attendees have already gone home, Nice Girl Lisa found that Monday at this year’s Dragon Con was still worth attending thanks to the Arrow/DC Legends of Tomorrow panel, which included stars John Barrowman, Josh Segarra, Neal McDonough, Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Kevin Alejandro. She shares some of the highlights with us…


The panel was great – John Barrowman is always hilarious and he did not disappoint today. He had his karaoke party the night before so he came out at the beginning of the panel in a t-shirt, carrying a bucket of water and purposely looking like he was very hungover. It was hilarious! Outside of the Barrowman Show, a highlight for me was surprisingly Neal McDonough. It was my first time seeing him on a panel. He’s so good at playing a villain that you don’t get to see what a nice guy he really is. One thing he said that got a big reaction from the audience was that he likes to play villains because there are two things he will not do, and that’s say the Lord’s name in vain, or kiss another woman outside of his wife. He said his wife is his life and he wouldn’t do it. I had no idea he was really such a teddy bear and I’m even bigger fan of him after the panel than I was before.

The whole panel was great! Another highlight was when Maisie discussed the importance of women playing equals to men on TV and how the CW does a great job of that. She really loves playing a strong kick-ass female character with layers and discused the importance of diversity for women on TV.

My favorite quote from the panel was:

Kevin: If I was still mayor, Stephen Amell would be my pool boy.
John: Malcolm would be spending a lot of time at your place. I have seen Stephen in a speedo. 😂

At the end of the panel, Neal had everyone take a selfie of themselves and he said anytime life is getting you down, take a look at that selfie and remind yourself you are awesome and remember the fun time you had a Dragon Con. (Aww!) It was a great panel and a packed house for a Monday.

My last highlight for Monday was bumping into Josh Segarra in the Walk of Fame and getting a huge hug from him. He is such a cutie! Also seeing John Barrowman in the Walk of Fame was awesome and here’s a video he posted on Twitter to say goodbye:

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