DRAGON CON 2017: Saturday & Sunday Highlights

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It’s been an epic few days at Dragon Con 2017 in Atlanta, so much so that we’re only getting the chance now to share our experiences from this year’s event. Read on to find out what Nice Girls Lisa and Mynda got up to during the Saturday and Sunday…

Lisa: My highlights for Saturday are seeing Lesley-Ann Brandt at the Lucifer panel. She shared that there is an upcoming episode that’s a bounty hunter episode, and we get to watch her travel around the world and kick ass! Lesley-Ann also had her six-week-old son at the panel. He is adorable!

Lucifer panel

Another highlight was speaking on the Midnight, Texas panel. It was such a good time and we posted a video asking NBC to renew Midnight, Texas.

The Dragon Con Night at the Aquarium with my girls was awesome too!! 😍

Mynda: Top things of the day for Saturday were the Midnight, Texas fan panel… Mr. Snuggly tweeted to me!

Also being in the presence of Vampire Royalty and meeting Lestat:

And also Lesley-Ann Brandt at the Lucifer panel.

Lisa:  My highlights for Sunday were meeting Kevin Alejandro (from Lucifer). 😍 He was such a sweetheart and we took great pics. He’s awesome! It was his idea to do a little photo shoot! 😍He was so fun!!

Then I was a panelist on the Shadowhunters panel and it was a great conversation with Shadowhunters fans.

After that we went to Zachary Levi’s panel and he was awesome. It was just him and a microphone and he took questions from the audience. He was very candid and honest. He spoke about his decision to stop Nerd HQ and how hard it was for him to make that decision. He talked about his life and got emotional when he talked about how his dream was to leave the world a better place than it was when he got here. There is so much pain in the world and he said he wishes he could take it all away. He was very honest and open and it was amazing. Zach had us crying!

The Harry Potter Yule Ball is always my favorite party – they raise money for  charity and this year’s charity for Dragon Con is the Georgia Special Olympics. There was awesome Harry Potter cosplay and we had a blast.

To end the weekend we were at the Hard Rock Cafe and we bumped into Echo Kellum and Neal McDonough from Arrow! Echo came over to our table and talked to us a few times. He said he loved Atlanta and he really enjoyed his time at Dragon Con. That was a perfect way to end the night!

Mynda: My Sunday highlight was meeting Zach McGowan (Black Sails, Shameless, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The 100 just to name a few of the many projects that he’s been involved in), who pirated my phone in true Charles Vane Black Sails style! (How fun do these two look?)

Lesley-Ann Brandt brought her gorgeous baby to the Lucifer panel; the Zachary Levi panel was simply inspiring! He is a completely genuine and makes me want to be a better person. (He made us all cry!) I was able to record the entire panel with Lucifer and Zach, so check back to our site!

The girls also saw some epic cosplay throughout the weekend. Click through the gallery for just some of the many highlights they saw:

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What an epic weekend we had at Dragon Con 2017! Lisa was also able to attend the Monday of Dragon Con so stay tuned for her highlights.

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