THE BOLD TYPE: Six revelations in “The Breast Issue”

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Jane has to deal with her family history, it’s Sutton’s first day in her new role and well Kat is just busy being Kat – emotions were running high in last week’s episode of THE BOLD TYPE and as a result, we got a bit more insight into the leading ladies and their personal lives. Here are six revelations that we discovered during “The Breast Issue”…

THE BOLD TYPE – “The Breast Issue”  (Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)

Sutton and Richard are public-ish now
It’s Sutton’s first day in her new role as assistant to fashion head Oliver and she’s a little disappointed that her first task is to fetch coffee. During her coffee run, she meets up with her boyfriend Richard and they canoodle a bit out in public in broad daylight leaving this Nice Girl wondering when did they go public with their relationship. It turns out they’re not quite announcing their relationship to the world and are still keeping it on the downlow with disguised interactions in the company kitchen not to mention the awkward cover-up when they run into colleague Alex at the drycleaners (more on that later), but seriously guys – if you’re keeping your relationship on the DL, maybe don’t make out in a busy public area in broad daylight with a fair amount of people walking past. You never know who might see!

THE BOLD TYPE (Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)

Alex likes Sutton
In order to prove herself to be the ultimate assistant so that Oliver taking her more seriously, Sutton takes it upon herself to procure a $5000 pendant for her new boss that he had given up hope on getting. Determination is definitely one of Sutton’s strong suits and believe it or not she succeeds in her mission… only to accidentally lose it in a New York cab to help Jane during her time of need. Co-worker Alex is kind enough to help Sutton track it down, working late at night and then going in as backup the following morning. When Sutton’s secret boyfriend Richard shows up, Alex being the smart guy that he is figures out that the pair are together and on the cab ride back to the office remarks that it’s a shame she’s taken because he’d totally make a move on her right now. With the confession revealed, can they continue their easy-going (and sometimes flirtatious) friendship? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

THE BOLD TYPE – “The Breast Issue”(Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)

Jane’s family history revealed
Scarlet are currently amidst on breast health awareness campaign – Kat’s pulling out all stops on social media and Jacqueline is encouraging stories from her writers. When Alex pitches a story about a doctor who is encouraging BRCA gene testing for young women, Jane is vehemently opposed to the idea, so much so that Jacqueline decides to give her the story believing that Jane’s strong opinions on the subject will enable her to ask the hard hitting questions. Since the pilot we have known that Jane grew up without a mother and in this episode it was confirmed that her mother passed away from cancer when Jane was just a girl. In fact, her mother was only 32 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Needless to say this latest assignment stirs up a lot of emotions for Jane and yet she maintains to her friends that she is a professional and can handle it. But as much as “Tiny Jane” likes to control things, emotions isn’t always one of them. When she pays a visit to the doctor who is suggesting that young women undergo the BRCA gene testing, Jane tries her best to maintain a professional front but once the doctor asks about her own personal history, Jane becomes defensive. Of course when she arrives back in the office, Jacqueline happens to see her walk in and asks her how the story is going and how the interview went. Jane tries to brush her off, but Jacqueline wants details and so an emotional Jane ends out lashing out at her boss in the bullpen as her colleagues watch on. She accuses Jacqueline of taking joy in the writers revealing themselves and their deep dark secrets while they know nothing about the woman in charge herself. As quickly as the outburst occurs, so does Jane’s mortification that she just yelled at her boss but you can’t take back what’s been said and Jacqueline advises her to leave the office and take a walk.

THE BOLD TYPE – “The Breast Issue” (Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)

Jacqueline has a family
Following Jane’s outburst, she later receives a text not to return to the office for the remainder of the day and instead go to an address later that night. Jane is convinced this appointment is her exit interview. When she arrives at the mysterious address, it is soon revealed that the place is Jacqueline’s home, where she resides with her husband, two young sons and their dog Freda. Jane was right, she doesn’t know anything about Jacqueline so here is her opportunity to learn some things but not everything because at the end of the day she’s Jane’s boss and she doesn’t have to tell her employees everything about herself. While she understands that it was Jane’s fears that caused her to lash out at work, Jacqueline gently tells her that it can’t happen again but she does believe there is merit behind her beliefs but also wonders if Jane should take the test to ease her emotions.

THE BOLD TYPE – “The Breast Issue” (Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)

Kat realizes that being too gung-ho isn’t always a good thing
We’re six episodes into the series now and it’s safe to say that everyone knows that Kat gets a kick out of defying authority. After posting photos of women’s breasts on the Scarlet social media channels to highlight their breast health awareness campaign, the pics are found to be breaking the rules and regulations of the mediums and Kat is warned by the board to be careful with what she posts. Kat being Kat, decides that rather than accept what the board says, she’ll find ways around the rules so that she can continue to spread the message. Women’s bare breasts are banned on social media? Fine then, she’ll post men’s nipples instead. It’s no surprise when Richard has to step in once again to warn her and even Jacqueline isn’t exactly happy with how Kat is going about it. In fact it is Jacqueline (after her chat with Jane) that gently makes Kat realize that while it’s great that you’re being loud and vocal about an issue that you care about, don’t forget about the people that made you care about the issue in the first place and how they feel about what you are saying. People and what they are feeling and going through are more than a hashtag.

THE BOLD TYPE – “The Breast Issue” (Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)

Jane has the BRCA gene
Following her talk with Jacqueline who insightfully tells her that she thrives on information and being in control of situations, Jane decides to get tested for the BRCA gene but not before asking her besties to accompany her. They do and are also once again there with Jane when her blood test results come in. The results indicate that Jane has tested positive to the BRCA gene mutation – it doesn’t mean that she has cancer, it just means that she has the gene which means her chances of developing the cancer over the course of her life are higher. As scary as it is, Jane is relieved that she has the information that she needs and is feeling more brave than what she was at the start of the episode; brave enough to join Kat and Sutton in taking off their shirts at the park and walking around topless.

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