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Season 2 episode 19 Regard a Mere Mad Rager

In this episode, Jane and Weller go on a hacker’s high stakes scavenger hunt, Reade finally gets the help he needs, Jane and Weller acknowledge their feelings for each other, and Zapata finds herself in legal trouble.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room (or more accurately in the show since the pilot) – Weller and Jane finally say some honest stuff to each other. How do you feel about this? Will it last? What will be the repercussions?

Rueben:  Yeah, that was an interesting scene, wasn’t it?  Finally letting down their walls a little, huh?  I was quite the revelation, short though it was in playing out.  Given that Weller was ready to kiss Jane before Patterson and Zapata came back to the table (c’mon like he was gonna sneak in a kiss with those ladies just off getting more drinks, really?!), it’ll last a little while; but not long enough.  Those revelations could come back to hurt them in some way, probably when they least expect it or at the most inappropriate time.

Cay: I liked putting Jane and Weller in the scavenger hunt so they had to be honest with each other. Kind of reminded me of Chuck (Chuck vs the Truth), when they were all treated with sodium pentothal and we finally got some honesty. But I do feel like any relationship they actually admit to and try to live out will be doomed.

Roz: I don’t really feel anything about it because it’s just one little part of some much larger issues. Even if they had kissed, there’s still Shepard wanting him dead now. I doubt it’ll last, but I, sure it will matter that they are still dancing around each other.

Leah: I will take Jane and Weller “together” anyway I can get them. So…yay! However Rueben is right, it will come back to hurt them. Every freaking thing does.

Lisa: I agree it’s definitely going to come back and bite them in the butt. It was pretty interesting though and I wanted more confessions! Rueben I am with you. I was so excited to see Jewel Staite playing a smartass. It was refreshing to see her do something different.

Reade’s secret is finally no longer a secret – where do you see his story going?

Roz: I think that idea of not being in the field has legs and might be what happens.

Rueben:  Hopefully getting him to a new normal because he’s not ever going to be the Reade of all.  Too much has happened, he has done too many non-Reade-like actions and whatever he saw on that video will not only scar him but change him forever.  He needs to really take this second chance seriously.  He needs to keep getting therapy and working through all his issues; and really commit himself to getting better and earning his place back on the team.

Leah: I miss the old Reade. I liked one good, non-messed up person on the team. We no longer have that. I’m glad we are over the secret part of Reade’s “transformation” but that’s about all I have to say about it.


Lisa: I definitely hope we see Reade slowly become the Reade we all love. I agree, he will never be the same, but I hope he can find his way back to being good. He is a good person and I like to see good people win.

Cay: Having it all out is the healthiest way to go. Although I have to say I much preferred Bordon as a therapist until it turned out he was evil. The new one doesn’t do it for me – I wouldn’t share with her!

Meanwhile as Reade moves towards redemption, Zapata’s future isn’t looking so bright!

Roz: I don’t even know what to do with Zapata getting arrested. It wasn’t how I saw that ending at all.

Rueben:  Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that at all until I saw that guy on the street corner stare at Zapata, as I knew it wasn’t just the “guy staring at a pretty girl” kind of stare, but just how much trouble is she going to be in.  And don’t they know she’s an FBI agent.  Isn’t there some other way to arrest her than on a public street corner?

Leah: As soon as I start to like Zapata they go and do somethinig to bring her down. Not that I don’t like her for this, just that can we have one freaking episode with the whole team being a team without any crazy nonsense happening to them personally? Can’t we just have an episode with outside nonsense while the team is content? No? Too much to ask?

Lisa: I’m with Leah. Can’t we just have one episode where everyone is cool on a personal level? Sheesh!! I am still not a Zapata fan but I did not see that coming.

Cay: It could actually mean bad things for Reade as Weller didn’t say anything to anyone and I presume that Zapata got caught for destroying the gun from the scene. Not sure how she gets out of this without dragging him back in. I think they knew she was FBI – that’s why they had so many cops and did it in a public place. Probably didn’t want to get the FBI involved until they had to (obviously they will be involved now.)

Shepherd is like a mythical beast who can’t be killed or contained!

Rueben:  That woman is just ruthless and relentless, taking out anyone that gets in her way.  I felt so bad for that Thai prison guard, he was a goner the minute he was left alone with her.  If only that computer had downloaded information a little faster.  And now she’s gunning for the end of Weller.  None of this is going to end well.

Leah: I’ve had enough of Shepherd.

Lisa:  That Heifer needs to go. I am so sick of her. She is the worst! I was yelling for that stupid computer to hurry up and download. Technology right?

Roz: Why can’t she get stabbed like Maleficent? Or is she a ranch that survives the nuclear explosions?

Cay: I’m with everyone else – I’m getting tired of her. Would love to see her actually in some situation that she doesn’t immediately escape to add some drama. I feel they probably can’t get rid of her this season because Sandstorm is the whole mythology, but I feel something needs to change with her character

Favorite scenes?

Rueben:  Seeing Weller wearing that crazy red “get-up” for the undercover ruse: priceless.  He looked as uncomfortable as he must have felt.  And, then there was the team’s reaction to Patterson talking about “cubing” when they discussed the Rubik’s Cube.  That was pretty darn funny.  She takes that kind of thing pretty seriously (wink!).

Lisa: I loved the Rubik’s cube scene. Anytime Patterson shows off those brains of hers I love it! I also thought the hug Zapata gave Reade was very sweet and heartfelt. Awww!

Cay: I have such a nerd girl crush on Patterson! I also thought Weller and Jane’s hacker costumes were hilarious!

Roz: Weller’s little whine to win the data was pretty classic.

Other thoughts?

Rueben: Can I say it was great to see Jewel Staite in the eppy, playing such a different role.  She was actually kinda creepy in a snarky way.  A bit more ruthless than I’m used to see her playing.

Memorable lines:

First of all, not a child’s toy. Plenty of mature adults are into cubing. – Patterson

It’s not our typical day at the office – Jane

Why, because we’re not getting shot at? – Weller

I’m great at puzzles. – Weller

We need to get you something “hacker chic” – Patterson



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