5 BEST MOMENTS from The EXPANSE ‘Here There Be Dragons’

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1.Bobbie Breaks BAD!

We all knew it was coming. The Marine (Frankie Adams) finally had enough! Martens story about her dad was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After using the good Captain’s face as a punching bag Bobbie wasted no time in requesting asylum on earth! GO BOBBIE!

2. Amos to the rescue!

We’ve been loving the evolution of the Rociante’s Mechanic (Wes Chatham) all through season two. One thing is for sure he is much more than a mechanic. Despite being shot, Amos’ cat Like reflexes are supernatural!

3. Alex’s Smooth Moves!

This Southerner loves everything about the Martian Navy veteran(Cas Anvar). And, most especially his southern drawl. I get butterflies every time he says ‘darlin!’ The only thing sexier than his voice is his brain. Alex always finds a way to get out of even the stickiest situations with flair. The Slingshot Method was  brilliant!

4. Naomi stays behind?

What the WHAT! Not only did we learn a huge backstory tidbit in the form of her long lost son, the Chief Engineer (Dominique Tipper) dropped an even bigger stunner by remaining behind to continue the search for the protomolecule.
The women of The Expanse ROCK! Cast member Cas Anvar said it best tonight
in the tweet below.

5. Avasarala’s Grace Under Pressure.

At every turn the consummate politician (Shoreh Aghdashloo) never ceases to surprise. Aside from dropping the perfect f-bomb from time to time, she seems completely unflappable in the midst of unbelievable circumstances. Her agreement to meet with Daddy Mao is beyond brave, bordering on psychotic!

Observations & Questions:

• Did you catch what was said in the Captain’s recording? What is a V1 Hybrid?
• I’m afraid Mei might have survived and mutated from the protomolecule.
• I’ve said it before….still holding out hope that we see Miller again. At this point, I’d be thrilled in whatever form he chose to take.

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And the award for BEST. SWAG. EVER. Goes to The Expanse!
Thank you for the EPIC Space Fedora of Justice!!

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