10 BREATHLESS MOMENTS from first half of VIKINGS S4!

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Before we get too deep into the second half of season four we wanted to take a look back at our top moments from Vikings first part. Check out our list below and let us know your thoughts. What was your favorite moment?

vik_compassion1. Ragnar’s Astonishing Compassion with Helga

Ragnar showed surprising tenderness when it came to Helga and their new formed friendship is both a surprise and completely understood at the same moment. We all felt something terrible was about to happen and no one guessed death would come to Angboda. Ragnar wasted no time in helping Helga dig her daughter’s grave. The two have bonded by their shared pain. Ragnar perhaps in remembering the death of his own daughter which happened while he was away. Find out what Maude Hirst had to say about that scene in her interview.

vik_freefloki2. Raganar’s kindness in freeing Floki was stunning!

Floki is the one being punished, but it is Helga who truly suffers. Ragnar once again exhibited astonishing compassion toward Helga. It was beautiful to behold.

vik_athelstan3. Athelstan happened.

Both King Horick and Ragnar were paid a visit by our favorite wayward priest.
Our hearts broke open anew at the site of him. I for one, miss him terribly.

vik_bear24. Bjorn has his very own epic Revenant Moment!

We all knew he had it in him! Bjorn faces the bear and prevails! Must have been the epic hangover that put him over the edge. He promised us in an earlier interview this season would be pivotal for his character.

vik_rollogisila5 . Rollo understands English & Gisla’s suddenly enchanted!

Finally! The the Rollo we all know and love arrives! I was beginning to wonder after their wedding night if the newllyweds could find common ground. Not only did he learn English, but his persistence with Gisla payed off in spades. I loved the interaction between those two all season. Gisla’s distain turned desire is adorable! For more details on their evolution, check out our interview.

vik_yidubathtime-300x2006. THE BATH SCENE

Dianne Doan and Travis Fimmel were hotter than seven hells in this scene and no amount of words can accurately describe Rangars’ seduction of Yidu. It must be experienced to be fully understood. Suffice it to say I suddenly found myself in DIRE need of a bath and a cigarette! Dianne told us their relationship would be special, but this is historic!

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-10-38-40-am7.Lagertha’s Red Wedding

We all knew it was bound to happen when the Shield Maiden found out about Kalf’s plans to assassinate Bjorn. Her timing is always impeccable and literally bloody brilliant! This female deserves to lead!

vik_rollofight8. Rollo and Ragnar face off!

The look on Ragnar’s face alone was priceless! We hate to see brother fight brother. Who could choose between the two? We certainly don’t want to be put in that position, but, it is heartwarming to see Rollo coming into his own!

vik_mourning-636x4009.Lagertha Looses her baby

It was bound to happen, but we didn’t want to believe it. The Lothbrok men gathered around our favorite Shield Maiden in her darkest hour. Seeing Ragnar comfort his former wife was such an intimate moment. Watching them remain after Lagertha demanded they leave was beautiful to behold. These Viking men knew, when no words help, sometimes just being there is enough.

vik_bjornbeserk10. Bjorn killed the assassin in EPIC FASHION!

If there were any doubts before, Bjorn’s brutal disemboweling of the beserker erased any whiff of uncertainty! My what a difference a few weeks in the cold makes! Murder, a new tattoo, and new girl all in one episode! Truly Ragnar’s son, much to Ragnars anguish, is a powerful Viking leader in his own right!

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