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Lucifer’s fall finale gave us some closure on Chloe’s dad’s death, further evil plans from Charlotte, and a surprising revelation about Chloe. Lots to talk about this week!

Lucifer’s testimony defied belief a bit

Cay: We all know that he’s charming, but the judge letting him get away with all that? And then the jury still doesn’t convinct after applauding Luci? It would have been more fun for the judge to keep trying to crack down on him and he ends up in jail for contempt and Chloe (or Dan) bails him out.

Melissa: Remember, Lucifer isn’t just charming, he’s next level charming. Supernaturally charming. DEVILISHLY charming. I think this was meant to be a fun interlude, yes, but also to remind the audience and mum (and Chloe) that while Lucifer may not be a liar, he does have tools at his disposal to manipulate people.

As for the jury handing down a not guilty verdict, that’s another lesson in free will. For all their manipulations and machinations, Charlotte and Lucifer still have to factor in human free will.

Lisa: I agree with Mel 100%. It all came down to Human free will with the not guilty verdict. I must say I laughed so hard when Luci took that scarf from the jury member. I had no idea what he was going to do but when he wrapped it around his waist I could not stop laughing. That really cracked me up.

Karen: His idea of making up for a missed date instead of flowers or chocolate I guess? He loves her – and I don’t just mean in love, I mean love in it’s truest form. She’s his best friend and I’m guessing his fated soulmate. (this might be a recurring theme with me this week since I called the whole “Chloe is special” thing)


Charlotte’s physical and emotional war on Chloe

Cay: The more we learn about Charlotte, the more I’m convinced that she belongs in hell! Trying to get her to betray Luci by dangling getting her father’s killer convicted – so evil!

Melissa: I think this goes back to Charlotte’s complete lack of feeling for humans. She sees humans as inferior and not worth her time or consideration beyond pawns in whatever game she’s playing. Lucifer’s attachment to humans, and Chloe’s imperviousness to celestial influence, are wild cards that she’s not yet adapted to in her scheming.

Karen: She’s the worst. Mommy dearest keeps spouting how she wants what’s “best” for her sons, but if she really wanted that, she’d want Lucifer to stay where he felt at home and with the woman he loves – Chloe. BECAUSE THEY’RE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER – LITERALLY.

Lisa: She is so evil! Not only does she not care about humans, but she doesn’t care that her son has real feelings for this human and it would hurt him if she hurt her. She definitely need a one way ticket back to hell.


Maze’s fighting skills (and that shirt!)

Melissa: She is a hellion!

Lisa: This was my favorite scene this episode. She kicks major ass!

Cay: It takes quite a woman [demon] to kick ass like that in a stick-on bra! My hero!

Karen: Okay, bad. ass. Mazikeen’s awesome. I think one of my favorite non-lines of the entire episode was when Lucifer nominated her to fight and Dan declined thinking he was the one being “selected.” He had no idea. I like that Dan’s becoming part of the inner circle. Which leads to my next answer…

Maze and Dan buddy up

Karen: Hell hath no fury like a douche-detective scorned. And after seeing Maze as a BAMF, he saw an opportunity for a team-up. Luckily, she “knows a guy,” and uses underground justice to stand up for Chloe. They’re united in their vengeance against Charlotte, which is great. Maze needs someone in her corner now that Amenadiel’s had a cup of mum’s Kool-Aid.
As to Mel’s comment, I hope it doesn’t come back on Dan, it’d be difficult to trace – through Maze and the mob? Let’s keep fingers crossed.

Melissa: Did anyone else get a flashback to Douche’s boring season 1 dirty cop storyline? Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the unlikely pairing of Maze and Dan, but here we have another example of Dan going off book and practicing vigilantism. I feel like this is going to come back and bite him, hard.

Lisa: I am surprised to say out load that I actually liked them paired up together. One thing this show is great at is teaming up unlikely pairs and making it work. I could use a little more of Dan & Maze together (especially if she’s ragging on him, that was pretty funny).

Cay: Unexpected, but interesting and a lot less gag-inducing than Dan and Charlotte… I don’t think it’s going to come back to haunt him, I think justice is done although he could have to answer to Chloe…I just don’t think that he’ll face any legal implications.


Dr. Linda was busy this week

Cay: Amenadiel sitting there with the steering wheel to his car in his hands was hilarious! I love how she’s had to adjust her approach based on her new knowledge

Melissa: Agreed, she has adapted her methods now that she knows the truth about the celestial beings around her and she’s still calling them on the carpet. “Oh, you had important supernatural business to conduct, therefore other people’s feelings don’t matter? Is that what you’re saying?” Go get ’em, Dr. Linda!

Lisa: Man do I love her! I was a little nervous that when she found out the truth about Luci and gang that she would change and we would miss out on her humor, but thank goodness that didn’t happen. Dr. Linda is even funnier now! I love how she called out Luci for chickening out on his date with Chloe.

Karen: Can I just say YET AGAIN how great it is that she’s in on the secret? I love that she can treat our scooby gang’s real issues since she can just brush past the whole Angel/Demon background stuff. The sessions in this week’s episode were nice interludes in-between the seriousness of the trial scenes. It helped to make a very overwhelmingly deep issue less daunting by breaking it up a little.


Lucifer went after Dan in the tea garden for admitting to sleeping with Charlotte and said “you slept with my MUM….!?”. But to Dan, that would have made no sense, and it wasn’t elaborated on why Luci was so upset by that.

Melissa: He started to say “Mum” but caught himself and it came out “My…Marlotte!” Then they were surrounded by men with guns and had to track down a Triad gangster. So. Dan had other things to think about. Maybe later he’ll start to question Lucifer’s reaction, but even then he’ll probably chalk it up to Lucifer protecting Chloe – after all Charlotte was defending her father’s killer.

Lisa: he started to say mother but never finished the word. But like Mel said they were surrounded by men with guns so he probably didn’t even notice. I’m sure Dan will start to catch on to Lucifer’s disgust and wonder why it bothers him so much.

Karen: shhhh *hand wave* It was intercepted as everybody said, but it’ll come out eventually… maybe. Depends on whether Chloe/Dan learn about Luci I guess.

Cay: Luci isn’t so good at lying when it comes to her – he’s outright or almost called her that in front of a dozen people at least by now – one of these days, someone is going to call him on it.

So Chloe was a “gift” from God to her parents – why?

Melissa: Amenadiel and Charlotte both had puzzling reactions to this. Amenadiel immediately went to “I was a pawn”, because it’s all about him, apparently. Charlotte immediately saw Chloe as a “key” to get them back to Heaven. Meanwhile my thoughts ran more along the lines of how Lucifer’s father foresaw him leaving Hell and searching for meaning in L.A., so he created Chloe to be not just his son’s soul mate but the person who would help Lucifer understand why God loves humans so much. But then, my relationship with God doesn’t seem to be nearly as antagonistic as those related to him, so…

Lisa: This was a twist i didn’t see coming. Mel you have some great thoughts about this! I didn’t understand Amenadiel’s reaction to being a pawn. When you’re an Angel, don’t you want to do good things? I’m really looking forward to seeing what this new information about Chloe brings to the show. Will she have some celestial powers pop up in the future? Now we know why Lucifer was so vulnerable around her.

Karen: God *is* omnipotent & omnipresent. He knew that Lucifer would eventually get fed up and leave hell, and he’d need someone to challenge and be a partner to him. The only way that could happen is if He orchestrated it. Also, it created the whole element of flawed immortality, which would make him question his loyalty and the decision he made to abandon his post. In this case, there’s no right or wrong decision, but whatever Lucifer chooses is a choice that has weight. Did his Father know it would come down to his Mother visiting in order to make that choice? I think that’s where we’re heading. Charlotte is going to rat out Daddy, and Luci already has issues, so She thinks that will sway him. Again, omnipresence, so yeah. We’re back to why, and my answer is “He works in mysterious ways.”
The scene between Amenadiel and Chloe’s mom was crazy intense too. Talk about acting with the eyes…
Cay: ^whoa, that’s deep, Karen!

Favorite lines or scenes?


Lucifer: Consider me an emotional jock strap for the Decker family jewels

Linda: why do you think [Maze] reacted so passionately?
Amenadiel: Because she’s a complete maniac fueled by rage and violence

Lucifer: Much as I’d like to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Douche, I meant Maze.

Melissa: The entirety of Maze needling Dan about hooking up with Charlotte had me chuckling*

Lisa: I loved the scene with Maze fighting that gangster. She is such a badass!

*sanctioned by Karen
First of all: I CALLED IT! CHLOE IS SPECIAL!!! *happy dance* I love it when a theory pays off. *coughStupidFlashcough*
Lucifer: “Maybe it’s like butt stuff…” puzzled look from Chloe’s mom “Easier the second time around.”
Linda: She is… Maze
Amenadiel: I know right?
*guns locked on Lucifer and Dan, Dan goes to pull his gun*
Lucifer: “Don’t be a Dan.”
Maze: “I choose those”
Kang: *whips Shamshirs (swords) around*
Maze: “Done?”
Lucifer returns with all new episodes on January 16th on FOX

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