Woman of the Week: Lauren Graham

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We have to assume if you are on this site it is because you watch TV – and if you watch TV you have heard about the Gilmore Girls “revival”. The Netflix four part series came out last week and we, along with everyone else has been obsessed!

Each week we pick women on TV that are exceptional. Be sure to hit the comments with who you thought was amazing in TV this week.

Nominated by Ange:
Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.
It’s been nine-and-a-half years since Gilmore Girls last aired but in this Netflix revival it seems like yesterday. Graham and co easily slipped back into their quippy fast-talking habits, making us laugh and cry. I dare anyone who watched the revival to tell me that they weren’t moved by Graham’s performance in the “Fall” installment where Lorelai after going on a wilderness retreat to find herself tearfully breaks down on the phone to her mother whilst sharing a memory of her late father, something that she had repressed throughout the mini-series.

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