LUCIFER Roundtable: Trip to Stabby Town

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This week was all about relationships, both professional and personal. When Azrael’s blade turns up at a crime scene Lucifer must track it down. Once he finds out who let the blade out into the world all hell breaks loose. Pun intended because it’s just too easy sometimes.

See what we thought of the episode below and let us know what you thought in the comments.

By the end Dr. Linda is back. Love all the questions she was asking! How great was it to see their roles reversed for a bit?
Melissa: That was fun! And completely in character. Of course Dr. Linda has a million questions. Of course she’s asking about people in Hell (what is the hierarchy of torture, anyway?) and freaking out because she had sex with the actual Devil. Now that she knows the truth, she can be our conduit to all sorts of exposition and answers.
Mynda: As always Lucifer delivers on the fun and is great about switching roles in creative ways. I loved the look on her face when it dawns on her that “I slept with the devil!” I am thrilled about this new story line. It opens up some REALLY interesting topics for Dr. Linda to explore. Made me wonder what I would ask the devil if I could!
We should have a poll!
Lisa: I was so excited that she was back! I can’t wait to see what she picks his his brain about. I loved how she asked if her Uncle had ever been to hell. This opens up her storyline for so much fun and I can’t wait to see what happens.
Karen: Oh man, Lucifer kinda needs her, and he’s being forced to have “do-it-yourself” sessions. I get that she’s fascinated, and I loved the minute that she realized she’d had sex with the Devil… but seriously? HELP HIM ALREADY! He’s a hot mess!
Cay: I love Dr. Linda. I can only imagine the questions that I would ask in her position! Her on the couch and him in the chair was hilarious! lucifer-208_scn17_bs0018_hires2

Amenadiel rocking the beanie or Maze’s face after he grabbed/held her hand?
Melissa: Um, a beanie has never looked sexier. Amen.
Mynda: What Mel said. Amen and Hallelujah!
Lisa: He grabbed her hand? I missed it becasue I was blinded by his sexiness in that beanie. Holla!
Karen: The hand-holding, hands down. I like them together, as long as it’s an off and on relationship. If they were together 100% it wouldn’t work.
Cay: Yeah, I like the back-and-forth between them, but I don’t want them in a real relationship

To quote Mynda, Chloe’s jealous slip was showing. Are we finally coming back to them being….more?
Melissa: Yes, we’re back on track there and Lucifer knows it. I’m breathing a sigh of relief over here; I like the “something more” between Chloe and Lucifer. The show is better when it plays with that chemistry. Watching Chloe try to figure out her feelings for Lucifer, and Lucifer come to terms with something deeper than lust, is half the fun of the show.
Also, shout out to Detective Douche for being honest with himself, and Lucifer, about the dissolution of his marriage. I want to be mad at this show for making me like Dan after either disliking or being apathetic to his presence for all of season 1, but I can’t.
Mynda: Yes, the show is at it’s best when we see that emotional tease and chemistry between the two. Which makes me wonder if it might be better they never actually get together. Would it spoil the fun?
Lisa: Jealousy is always a fun emotion to see (not experience). I don’t know Mynda, I wonder the same thing if it would spoil the fun if they got together. I know I enjoy the chemistry and flirting. I’m glad they are back on track.
Karen: I don’t think so. Chloe isn’t nearly at that place right now. She took comfort in him last week, and I’m guessing that was way too close – a brush she’s probably second-guessing. They’re friends again, which is great. He still won’t “share” with her, and until that happens, we’re staying in that zone.
Cay: As the season moves along, Chloe is definitely becoming my least favorite woman on the show. Maybe it’s because she plays the “straight man” to all the others’ antics, but she really comes off as a wet blanket lately. While the sandwich scene was a good one last week, I’m not feeling the chemistry between her and Luci this season as much

How much do you love Ella and Lucifer as friends?
Melissa: So much. So. Much. She’s basically an adult Trixie, a type of person Lucifer needs more of in his life. I also love that Ella’s Spidey senses are tingling about Lucifer, leading her to bring him to church. Looking forward to seeing where that’s going.
Mynda: Everyone needs a bestie like Ella. She takes Luci’s oddities completely in stride and always looks on the bright side.
Lisa: I think they are cute but…..I don’t love her charater as much as I thought I would. I much prefer Luci and Trixie together.
Karen: I like it fine. It’s forcing him to face religion as a concept, which he never does. I’m still not quite sure what to make of her though.
Cay: I like Ella, but she’s a bit unusual to say the least. I think she could be a good influence on Luci

Charlotte is on Earth pretty much as a favor from Lucifer and she decides the best thing to do with her time is set up a scavenger hunt for an otherworldly weapon? Is that really the attention you want from God?
Melissa: Charlotte seems to be playing by celestial rules still, not yet understanding that humans are not the same as angels and demons. She still views humans as pawns, but free will changes everything.
Mynda: As much as I enjoy Tricia Helfier, I’m not liking the Charlotte storyline as much as I expected. If things don’t change, they need to move away from that thread.
Lisa: I agree with Mynda 100%. I love Tricia Helfer so much! But Charlotte isn’t bringing anything to the show for me. Meh.
Karen: Of course it’s not! That’s not what she wanted anyway. Do we believe anything she says?
Cay: I mean, God did throw her into hell for a reason…

Maze and Amenadiel working together….how fun! Glad to see them back together? (even if it is just to help Luci)
Melissa: Not sure yet. Maze broke his heart. I’d like to see that resolved, but somehow I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better in part because Amenadiel still doesn’t understand Maze’s fascination with and attachment to humans.
Mynda: Oh Maze wants some more of that Chocolate Angel! That fire still has some heat to it yet!
Lisa: Mmm Hmm! Maze is not done with that! She wants some more and who could blame her.
Karen: See my answer to question 2. I love them together. They’re adorbs.

Charlotte is up to no good and that seems like her M.O., but Amenadiel….is he being swayed because he lost his powers or what?
Melissa: I think what we’re seeing is Amenadiel experiencing an existential crisis similar to the one that caused Lucifer to abandon his post in Hell and go on “vacation” in L.A. Charlotte is using his emotional turmoil for her own gain, of course, but it started before she arrived. I think the answer lies in what Charlotte said to Lucifer: he cares about his Father’s toys (humans), and she doesn’t know why. My question is, how long until Charlotte begins to change due to her exposure to humanity?
Mynda: Amenadiel is exactly in Luci’s spot. And, my doesn’t that shoe hurt when it’s on you! I am enjoying his struggle immensely!
Lisa: Amenadial is now seeing what Lucifer has been dealing with and it isn’t pretty. Charlotte is definitely playing the mommy card and Amenadiel is more vulnerable than Luci because losing his powers is still so new.
Karen: Yeah. He’s vulnerable, and he doesn’t have those constants like Lucifer – Dr. Linda, Dan, Chloe. I mean, they laid it all out in this episode. Lucifer feels at home on earth, and Amenadiel doesn’t. He’s going to sway towards the familiar, his mother.
Cay: Speaking of vulnerability – is Luci immortal still if he’s not around Chloe, or has he lost his powers, too. Dan could cut him with the knife because it was Azrael’s, but I’m not clear what his current status is with non-celestial weapons.

Melissa: Lucifer. No, Ella. Wait, Dan. Dr. Linda? Arg!
Mynda: Everyone’s light shone equally bright this episode.
Lisa: Dr. Linda! But it was tough. This episode rocked.
Karen: I really do think it was a team effort. Everybody BROUGHT. IT. Linda was hilarious, Lucifer was intense, Amenadiel/Maze was great, Charlotte is all shifty… I mean – how do I pick?

Best line? Favorite Part?
Melissa: I can’t decide!
Mynda: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that Luci is raiding the department fridge. Favorite scene would have to be Dan’s Pudding Rage and subsequent fight!
Lisa: I loved the look on Dr. Linda’s face when she realized she slept with the devil and Luci’s response “Your welcome!” Hilarious!
Cay: Dr Linda and Luci switching roles, definitely!

Other comments:
Melissa: The Angel of Death is a woman! Of course she is. Who do you think will play Azrael when she eventually shows up looking for her knife?
The sandwich Chloe made for Lucifer at the end of last week is what he wanted to discuss with Dr. Linda, not the hug. And we even got the sandwich in the “previously on…” clips, instead of the hug! This show!

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