INTERVIEW: Sarah Minnich

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California native, Sarah Minnich, has made a name for herself in a number of different roles. From Breaking Bad to currently recurring on Preacher, she brings an enthusiasm to her roles that make her so much fun to watch. Later this month you can catch her in “The Space Between Us” a movie she did along side Britt Robertson and Gary Oldman.

Check out our interview with her below:

Q. Preacher! That is such a great show with so many great actors. How have you liked working on it?
I loved working on Preacher! Really, I love working on any AMC show. AMC is just one of those networks that takes care of their people and makes top quality programming. Not only did I get to work with exceptional lead talent, but I also had the treasured chance to work with some of my favorite local New Mexico actors (Jodi Lynn Thomas, Elizabeth Sandlin, and Alex Knight.) All around, Preacher was an exceptional experience!

Q. Your career has encompassed a little bit of everything – do you have a favorite medium? Film or TV?
Oh, that’s a tough one! I think there are benefits to working in either film or television. Frankly, I just want to be in front of the camera expressing different aspects of the human condition. Now, if you were to ask me what genre I like to work on, that I have an answer for! If it were entirely up to me, I would be working primarily on period pieces. Something about portraying the lives of those who came before me, or of those who will come after me, intrigues the heck out of me. I have always been particularly fascinated with the Renaissance age and the social peculiarities of that time. I also love westerns (which may explain why I live in the mid-west rather than on the coast). Another couple of genres that I am majorly interested in are: post-apocalyptic themed projects, and space based or extraterrestrial themed projects.

Q. Is there a project you have worked on/have upcoming that you would like more people to know about?
Yes! I recently starred in a little film called ‘Days Young and Golden’ which is coming out in August 2016. I cannot wait to show this to the world. The story is of a woman who makes peace with some of the most difficult years of her life. This concept is really close to my heart because I have also had to overcome some serious mistakes and life lessons in my journey to where I am today. On top of this, I just love and endlessly appreciate Andy Kastelic and his company Balian Pictures, LLC for the kind of work he stands for. I remember telling Andy Kastelic, after seeing the rough cut, “I am going to look back on this moment as being the moment in my career when I realized I was good enough.” If that is any indication of how passionate I am about this project, then I have said my piece.

Q. Favorite charity?
Either ANIMAL WELFARE INSTITUTE for their concentration on ending factory farms, or RAINFOREST TRUST for their substantial commitment to the protection of the world’s tropical forests.

Q. I hear you someday hope to pursue your PhD. In what area would you study?
Oddly enough, I am leaning towards something in the sciences even though my MA is in the liberal arts arena. Specifically, I find myself drawn towards botany, astronomy, astrophysics and/or quantum physics. Unless, of course, they create a PhD in extraterrestrial life form studies… then I’m definitely going in that direction.

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