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Women of the Week

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It’s that time of the week where we highlight great women in TV. See who we picked and let us know who you were blown away by.

Sarah Shahi as Shaw on Person of Interest
Nominated by Rueben: Without a doubt the woman of the week should go to Sarah Shahi who plays Sameen Shaw on Person of Interest. The Monday night episode entitled 6,741 was primarily centered around Shaw – who has been held by Greer and his henchman working for Samaritan – as they do everything possible to break her, including putting her through countless simulations in their efforts to find Finch, Reese, Root and specifically the Machine. The main simulation found her battling at all odds to get away and working her way back to her team; but no matter the order of events or the outcomes, Shaw was somehow able to stop them from finding the Machine. Sarah did an incredible job portraying all that Shaw was dealing with. It was amazing to watch.
Seconded by Karen: That’s exactly what I would’ve said.
And Cay: Definitely Sarah Shahi from Person of Interest. We found out at the end of the episode that the whole episode was a computer simulation, but she had us believing it, even as things got more and more intense (and stressful for the viewer). She was in nearly every scene and went through a range of emotions from lust to anguish along with some pretty awesome action scenes.

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Tatiana Maslany as All The Characters on Orphan Black
Nominated by Ange: Seriously why has no one given Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany an Emmy? Four seasons in and sometimes when I watch I forget that it’s ONE actress playing all these different characters. While I could easily nominate her each week, this week I’m choosing to do so for her portrayal of Cosima’s heartbreak when she finally discovers what happened to her former love Delphine, and then the original, Kendall, being killed in her presence. In contrast, we also had valley girl clone Krystal on a mission, which was hilarious to watch. Seriously, just give Tatiana all the awards please.

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