WYNONNA EARP: A Recap of “The Blade”

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This week’s episode of Wynonna Earp, “The Blade”, sat at the top on my creepology meter. It also revealed a much, much more animated Dolls than we’ve seen thus far, and I loved it.

The tiny episode synopsis that we were given went like this:

Wynonna and Dolls must act quickly as Purgatory residents start dropping dead, killed by an apparently invisible assailant.

Yup, that was it! Short and sweet. The “invisible assailant” turned out to be a barber whom everyone told their secrets to back in Wyatt Earp’s day. One of those people was a bad guy and Mr. Barber (I can’t remember his bloody name!) was scheduled to testify against him in court. He never made it because he was killed for what he knew. So he uses mirrors to appear to people with un-forgiven deeds in their past, and if they are not forgiven by their victims, he slits their throat.

One of the victims met his end in the bathroom at Shorty’s and Doc just happens to walk in and find him. He whips out his knife after seeing the barber ghost in the mirror and that’s when Waverly walks in. Of course, she thinks Doc did it and he’s arrested.

Here’s the fun part: Dolls goes in to interrogate Doc and when Doc gives him a smart-ass answer to a question, he gives out with this unnatural laugh. Waverly and Wynonna are watching from behind the mirror and Waverly says, “Did Dolls just laugh?” Wynonna: “Yeah, I’ve never been more terrified.” LOL! Me too, Wynonna!

In the end, Dolls finds out that Doc is really the real Doc Holliday. He’s not too happy that Wynonna kept that little secret from him before he went in and questioned him. Did I mention that the episode opens with Wynonna asking Doc to prove he is the real deal by shooting various objects off of a fence? It was like watching a perfectly choreographed dance. He shot while looking at Wynonna, behind his back, over his shoulder and holding his gun upside-down, and he never missed once.

Of course, Mr. Barber is caught and sent back to hell, but not before he goes after Wynonna, who confesses to Waverly that she knows that Waverly could very well have been the Earp sister that breaks the curse. That she’s sorry for leaving Waverly behind. Sorry for killing their dad. It was a nice, touching moment between the sisters.

By the way, Doc was on Mr. Barber’s list for being the one who killed him in the first place. Ta-da!

My favorite part of this episode, however, was the flashback we got which revealed what happened between Doc and Wyatt. Doc had contracted Consumption and was dying. As Wyatt was off to confront some bad guys, Doc said his final goodbyes to his best friend. But when we see Doc in the next scene, he is alive and well and in bed with two whores. Wyatt walks in and he’s not so happy with his friend. He’s even more unhappy to learn that Doc made a deal with the devil for longevity and that’s why he’s still alive and in Purgatory today.

Wyatt brings up his own curse and is extremely disappointed in Doc for making this deal, even though Doc keeps whining that he did it so that he could keep fighting alongside Wyatt. The friendship ends that day.

It seems that the reason Doc has returned to Purgatory is to settle a debt that he owes, but what is that debt? Is it the one he made in his deal with the devil? Is it to protect the Earps as much as he can for his friend? Or is it something else entirely? Hard to tell at this point. We do know that Doc can be killed “by blade, bullet or train”. And he seemed to be softening up where the Earp girls are concerned. But should they trust him is the question?

This is my last recap for Wynonna Earp. From here, Nice Girls Leah will take over the reins, but I’ll still be watching. I’ll still be hoping for a second season too.

Wynonna Earp airs on Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.




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