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INTERVIEW! Maude Hirst Talks VIKINGS S4 & Original Flower Child, Helga

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WARNING: Minor Spoilers on Vikings Season Four.

Actress Maude Hirst portrays our favorite rose-colored glasses wearer and
original Viking flower child, Helga.

VIK_HelgaHelga is married to Floki and in true Viking style, she was the one who chose him. The couple clearly love each other, but being in a relationship with Floki is no easy task. In this season of Vikings, Helga takes a more prominent role when she is faced with the fall-out from Floki’s actions in killing the much beloved Althestan.

Maude takes a few minutes to share her character’s journey in season four. One of the only things that keeps Floki grounded “ is the fact she (Helga) manages to stay calm through it all.” Her character really wants to be 100% behind Floki.

VIK_Helgadark “Helga has relationships with people that are kind of almost silent.” Her character bonds with people through empathy.  And, that silent empathy was something that drew her to Floki as they were both seen in the community as outsiders.

HelgaHelga believes she can fix Floki but begins to question that at the end of season three. Whether or not she remains loyal is something that will be explored. The couple shares a kind of “spiritual bond” and up until now Helga always felt that Floki was on “the right side of crazy…. he pushed even her limits…she did waiver in her understanding of him.”

HelgaandFlokiHelga and Floki face some real threats. There are dynamic changes this season when she tells Floki “Enough.” ”He realizes that together they are much stronger than he could possibly be by himself and he can’t really deal with his own emotions.”

Helga’s relationship with Floki might provide some insight for people who have loved ones suffering from the disease.
“Actually people need people to stay close to them, and it’s very helpful when
somebody is a calming influence.” Regarding Gustaf’s portrayal of mental illness, Maude said “ Gustaf plays Floki brilliantly.”

VIK_happydaysThis season also explores the surprising friendship that emerges between Helga and Ragnar.  Maude explains: “It was really interesting and I think it kind of comes out of the blue, but they do have a bond. I think their two characters have a real love for Floki and they are the only two people I think that could understand the love for him.” Ragnar understands what Helga has been through more than any of the other characters and he bonds with Helga through their characters shared loss. Maude added that she has nothing but praise for her scenes with Travis Fimmel. “Working with Travis has been amazing.”

Regarding strong female characters, Maude opines; “Vikings were hugely forward thinking when it comes to women.” And, there are “Lots of unexpected friendships this season.” Which makes us even more excited to see what becomes of Helga and causes this Nice Girl to wonder if Maude was referring to Ragnar himself!

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