MERLIN: Final Five Episodes Begins with “With All My Heart”

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Merlin is back! Beginning tomorrow night at 10/9c, Syfy will air the final five episodes of the series and then we’ll say goodbye to our favorite wizard since Harry Potter.

When we left our hero, Arthur was struggling with an enchanted Gwen. Morgana had put a very powerful spell on her and now she is the evil queen. Angel Colby is doing such a fantastic job at showing us a Gwen that we don’t know. We were so used to loving the sweet, kind, selfless woman that it’s been really difficult to watch Angel transform her character before our eyes.

But Angel loved the challenge. “It gave me a chance to do something different with a character I’d been playing for a long time – and it’s just so much fun being bad,” Coulby explains. “I’m not quite sure what this says about me, but I think there’s something liberating about playing a villain. Plus, I got to try to kill Bradley – um, I mean Arthur.”

Hmm, freudian slip there Angel? In “With All My Heart”, time is running short and only Arthur’s impassioned love and Merlin’s timely magic can stop Morgana’s spell from dooming Gwen to an eternity of evil.

Merlin must act fast before Morgana’s twisted power over Gwen takes control of the queen forever. But Gaius warns him that only the most powerful magic can save Gwen – a task that will not be easy, even for Merlin

As Morgana tightens her grip on Camelot, one thing is clear: She will not give up her puppet without a fight … and both Merlin and Arthur will need to risk everything to save Gwen.

Join me in the journey to the end of this wonderful ride known as Merlin.

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