COMMUNITY: Advanced Gay

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It’s another week at Greendale, and I’m already nervous just based on the title. Community been great about addressing issues of sexuality (let’s just look at Dean Pelton), but when you title an episode “Advanced Gay” there’s room to be nervous, I think.

Of course, that’s not how the episode opens–we’re given a callback to Troy’s backstory and his ability to be a great plumber some day.

The episode crossed between a tale of Troy and his potential life-long occupation and Pierce’s life-long family business, which is now a staple of gay men all over the country. There’s even a viral YouTube-esque video about using them (it so reminds me a video I was subjected to by some friends and I’m not even going to relive it now). Of course, the two men who ask for Pierce’s autograph are as flamboyant as I can imagine and Pierce still misses that they’re gay.

Since it seems that every gay stereotype is going to come up in the episode, but Annie not understanding the drag queen singing the song was pretty hilarious. When Pierce takes it a step farther and wears a shirt for Urbana Champaign (did someone on the Community staff go to the University of Illinois?) and plans a Gay Bash. (Such the wrong term for the party Pierce, but at this point I’d expect nothing less form you.)

Back to the secret storyline with Troy and plumbing that includes him fixing another toilet before being kidnapped by Vice Dean Laybourne and his AC Repair team who are looking for another recruit into the cult (otherwise known as as AC Repairmen). Please, Troy, don’t join this crazy cult.

While that is going on, in secret, the audience is finally introduced to Pierce’s father, who oddly reminds me of Colonel Sanders, and not in the way that makes me want fried chicken. As should shock no one, Pierce’s dad is more offensive than Pierce has ever been, which I think speaks volumes about how Pierce came to be as obnoxious as he is today.

This Gay Bash is pretty rocking, even if Jeff put it on without Pierce’s knowledge. Dean Pelton’s here and he should be into this sort of thing.

Back in the crazy land of AC Repairs, Troy shows that he’s very skilled, and told he has a day to decide if he wants to enter into the profession. That’s all accomplished with the help of the room that has defined room temperature, a room where you can’t tell where the air ends and you begin, if we believe Troy.

The party is in full swing, Pierce having a great time, before all of that is ruined by crazy Cornelius Hawthorne. Pierce falls in line with the family ideal before faking a heart attack. At the hospital, that gives Jeff the time to express his Daddy Issues onto Cornelius, to the point of causing the man’s death.

At the funeral, Jeff receives Cornelius’s crazy ivory toupee/skullcap, and Pierce tells his dad off.

To conclude Troy’s storyline, he tells Vice Dean Laybourne, he won’t choose either AC Repair or plumbing, instead choosing to spend time with his friend watching TV.

The tag, of course, has more of Troy fulfilling that immediate goal, with he and Abed simulating some Inspector Spacetime.

Community airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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