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Nice Boy of the Week: Trevor Jackson

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Eureka is on hiatus right now, but I had a chance recently to talk with Trevor Jackson who plays Kevin Blake, Allison’s teenage son. Kevin was diagnosed with autism in the first season, but as the show progressed we watch him begin to change due to an exposure to the mysterious artifact that was discovered and hidden by Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn). When Kevin tampers with the device that lands Carter, Jo, Allison and Fargo back in the 1940’s, he inadvertently created an alternate universe where he is free of autism. This is where Trevor comes in and he’s done a fine job of helping us get to know his character.

Trevor started out as a tap dancer, winning awards in Future Star of Tomorrow, Judges Choice, Mr. Bojangles Special Tap Award and DEA-Hip Hop & Tap Platinum. He appeared in various television shows including Cold Case and Harry’s Law before landing the role on Eureka.

Trevor has grown quite close with co-stars Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Joe Morton (Henry). Trevor told me that they have been key in guiding him along and honing his craft. “Colin is like my big brother and Salli is like my second mom on the set,” Trevor adds. “We’re pretty close and we look out for each other.”

Trevor’s favorite episode on Eureka was “Reprise”. In this episode we see Kevin wanting to be more involved with the odd events which are often occurring in the town. “That’s one of my favorites and I had a lot of fun filming ‘Reprise’.”  I asked Trevor if he was able to keep any of the cool props from the show which one would he like to have. His answer – a hover skateboard and Emo, the little midget robot that helped out in a couple episodes. I think everyone should have an Emo in their homes!

Trevor is a sci-fi fan himself, naming films such as Men in Black and I, Robot among his favorites. Like the character he plays, Trevor loves to skateboard but he doesn’t feel he’s as smart as Kevin. Other favorite hobbies include surfing, basketball and Capoeira, a Brazilian form of martial arts.

Jackson has wrapped season five of Eureka and his next project coming up is the film A Beautiful Soul, a gospel-based film in which he plays a character named ‘Quincy Smith’. That film is due to be released in 2012. Also coming out next year will be Trevor’s solo album, which he is very excited about. So excited, in fact, that he broke into a verse of Michael Jackson’s “The Girl is Mine”, and he sounded just like MJ! I was delighted and astounded. Check out this video tribute to Michael Jackson by Trevor.

A talented, up and coming star, Trevor is definitely one to watch out for and it was my sheer delight to talk with him. You can catch Trevor in the final season of Eureka, coming in 2012, and follow him on Twitter, @TrevorJackson5. Also, join Trevor as he supports his favorite charities, and

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