FRINGE: A Comic Con Chat with Anna Torv & John Noble

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Fringe star Anna Torv sits down, almost apologetic in her manner. She had been standing nearby, waiting for co-star John Noble to join her before deciding to go ahead and start without him. She is friendly, gracious, and easy to converse with as eager reporters present start engaging her in conversation from all directions.

Noble soon joins and immediately instructs that “All questions to Anna direct to me, and vice versa,” showing a playful personality that would remain evident throughout the interview. They talk about both being from Australia and relay a poetry discussion they had recently had on the Fringe set. They discuss their dressing rooms being beside each other, Noble joking that he can hear Anna talking to herself in hers in response to someone inquiring what it’s like playing two different characters.

When asked again during the conversation about portraying the same person but in two different Fringe universes, Noble again becomes playful, “We know each other’s answers, and I know that hers is the same as mine, so go ahead.”

Torv responds positively and enthusiastically, saying “It’s just so fun. It’s just so much fun to do. It’s fresh, it keeps us stimulated. It’s been a pleasure.” Noble doesn’t miss a beat in quipping, “Imagine I said that too,” just as Anna finishes her answer.

Noble does respond for himself when asked about Walter’s fate in the fourth season of Fringe. He will still have his bonds with Astrid and Olivia, but not the humanization and love he learned from Peter. He will also still have Gene the cow.

“Gene’s been back. I hadn’t seen her in a while. I saw her last week, and she’s put on weight,” he says, drawing much laughter from those present. “She’s such a star, and she walks on the set ‘mooooo’,” he deadpans, demonstrating and gesturing with his hands for emphasis.

When asked if there is another Olivia coming, Torv, who earlier informed us they hadn’t yet finished filming the first episode of the season, responds, “I don’t know. Maybe.” Although she adds that it would be fun. As the two are called away, Noble leaves us with one parting thought, “I think two more universes. Can you start that rumor?” Just for you John. Just for you.

Fringe returns for a fourth season on Friday, September 23 at 9/8c.

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