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MERLIN: Bradley James Recalls Best Moment from Finale


As Merlin comes to its conclusion tonight on Syfy Bradley James chats about some of his best moments filming the epic battle scene with his knights once more. Over the course of the series James has delighted us all with his portrayal of Arthur. From prince to king we’ve seen some hilarious moments with Merlin and some touching ones. His ... Read More »

MERLIN: Who or What is “Arthur’s Bane”?


Colin Morgan and Bradley James give us some wonderful insight to tomorrow night’s conclusion of the season premiere of Merlin. Read the press release below and I’ll have a full review of “Arthur’s Bane, Part 1 and 2” up very soon. Stay tuned! For years, Merlin has known one immutable fact: He was born to serve Arthur and protect the ... Read More »

MERLIN: In Which There Are Many Hugs

Merlin - Herald 7

Episode: A Herald of a New Age.  Original air-date: 03/09/2012…so…yeah…turns out there was a new episode of Merlin two weeks ago. For some reason, this crazy blogger had it in her head that there wasn’t. I’m not entirely sure why I thought that, but we’re going to blame Fringe. And the fact that it’s not back on the air yet. ... Read More »

MERLIN: Morgana Needs a Hotness Intervention

Lancelot (Santiago Cabrera) and Gwen in his empty tent

This episode is a time for love and bringing back the ex-boyfriend to stir up trouble just as a happy couple gets together, finally. In the States, we call this phenomenon “Sweeps,” but since Merlin is a British show, I think it’s called melodrama. The ex-boyfriend is question is the ever-dreamy Lancelot du Lac, and boy, am I happy to ... Read More »

MERLIN: Meeting the Cast at Comic Con


As I was thinking about this week’s episode of Merlin and remembering the different conversations I’ve had with cast members, I realized that I never posted my photos from last year’s San Diego Comic Con. These are just my own personal photos and definitely not professional grade. But they were my memories of a great press room and some interesting ... Read More »

MERLIN: Photos from “The Wicked Day” (Spoilers)


These photos from the new episode of Merlin, The Wicked Day, are pretty spoiler-y, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, consider this your warning. However, I am very excited about this episode especially after the things that Colin Morgan said in a recent conference call I was on. “Merlin’s great dream is to live in a land where ... Read More »

Bradley James and Colin Morgan Talk Merlin Season 3

In a recent conference call, the charming leads of Merlin shared their insight as to what their characters shall face and how they will be tested in the third season. Bradley James, who plays Prince Arthur, revealed that as the third season opens, the search for Morgana will be of utmost importance to King Uther. However, since Morgana has been ... Read More »

Bradley James Talks Myth and “Merlin”

I’ve been quite enjoying my Sunday night television with wizards (Merlin) and vampires (True Blood). Even more fun is the fact that my son looks forward to watching Merlin with me. It’s the only show he and I watch alone. Of course, being a nine year-old boy, he likes the sword-play and I like the romantic fantasy. I am, forever, ... Read More »

“Merlin” Premiere: The Dragon’s Call

The BBC fantasy adventure, Merlin, made its State-side debut Sunday night, with The Dragon’s Call. In this episode, a vengeful sorceress plans to get even with Uther for killing her son who practiced magic in his kingdom. Magic is strictly forbidden and punishable by death. Ironically, it is magic that Merlin uses to save Arthur’s life, for which he is ... Read More »