5 Questions After Riverdale’s Tell-Tale Heart

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It’s been another crazy week in Riverdale. Where else but in Riverdale would Papa Poutine’s murder not be the biggest news? Alice and Betty Cooper go to dramatic lengths to protect Chic. The mayor and Jughead are getting in the way of the Lodges’ plans. And Hermione?!? Talk about a Boss!

What’s really going on in the Cooper household?

Alice Cooper is ferociously protecting her chance to connect with Chic, but Betty is haunted by images of the death in her house. When she gets ahold of the dead man’s phone, investigation mode kicks in, and she questions Alice and Chic about what Chic is up to. Betty’s suspicious of Chic’s intentions, and it looks like she might have reason to be. However, when Hal shows up unexpectedly to confront Chic, Betty intervenes and shuts Hal down when she brings up his relationship with Penelope Blossom. Do we trust Chic, or no?

Plus, what does FP’s involvement mean? He was pretty quick to step in to take care of his own, which seems to include Alice, but does this confirm my “Chic is FP’s kid” theory? And, what kind of trouble is this going to cause for Betty and Jughead?

Are Veronica and Archie in over their heads?

Short answer, yes.

Papa Poutine’s death has cast a shadow of doubt in Veronica’s mind, so Archie goes to Hiram to warn him about Veronica’s fears. When Hiram claims that he had nothing to do with the murder, Veronica seems reassured. But Veronica still goes to Mayor McCoy to warn her about Hiram and Hermione’s plans, and Hiram seems to have suspicions about where the mayor got the information.

Archie is getting in deeper and deeper, with Hiram, but the big shocker is when Hermione pulls a boss move on him and tells him that Agent Adams is actually her Capo. Mama Lodge tells Archie that his loyalty’s been proven, and he’s one of the family now, whether he likes it or not.

What effect is the mayor’s resignation going to have?

Rather than be exposed by either Jughead or the Lodges, Mayor McCoy resigns. As she’s been facilitating things for the Lodges, you know there’s going to be some blowback from them. Plus, how open and honest is she going to be about what’s been going on? What about her affair with the Sheriff? Plus, what about poor Josie? She’s been unintentionally involved but seems to be standing by her mom. I know I’m answering my question with more questions, but there’s a lot up in the air here.

When are Betty’s secrets going to see the light of day?

Veronica knows about the kiss between Archie and Betty, but Jughead has no idea about it, not to mention her Bad Betty webcamming gigs. She’s not just keeping secrets, Betty has adamantly denied that there are any secrets to know. Too many people know about what Betty’s hiding. It’s bound to explode eventually, and given how much Jughead had her back this week, he’s not going to appreciate being kept in the dark.

Does Penelope Blossom live out on the wild frontier during the wild west era?

She must. Otherwise her whole, hooker with a heart of gold meets saloon barmaid vibe is just too bizarre. And, does this make Hal Jesse James or Wyatt Earp?

What are your lingering thoughts and questions about the residents of Riverdale?

Riverdale returns March 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

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