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Dirk Gently: Season Finale Recap

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Dirk (and Todd) solved the case! And all is well in the universe.

I don’t know about you all, but I am very happy with how things turned out in the season finale.

When we start the Rowdy 3 are facing off against Suzie Boreton, who is creating her own, personal….deluded fairy tale. Yeah, she’s TOTALLY not crazy.

Farah, Tina, and Hobbs are taking stock of their situation at the quarry, but they’re in pretty bad shape.

Trying to hold the portal open, Amanda takes her and Todd out of their bodies and behind the scenes of the universe.

After taking out the Rowdy 3, Suzie attacks Amanda and Todd, causing the portal to close. Todd fights back, and when Suzie’s wand malfunctions, he knocks her out.

Dirk has arrived at Blackwing right in the middle of Lord Badevil’s attack on Blackwing. With Lt. Assistant he finds Mona, and they head off to find the boy. Unfortunately Hugo finds them. With his gun on Dirk, Hugo has a crisis of conscience over what he should do with Dirk.

Todd manages to wake Amanda, and he faces off against Suzie while Amanda re-opens the portal, on her own this time.

At the portal in Blackwing, Lord Badevil surprises Hugo, but then Ken takes out Badevil. Ken’s not letting Dirk and the Boy go though. Finally, when Dirk ealizes Ken won’t kill him, Dirk gets the Boy to the portal, despite Ken’s best attempts to stop him. In frustration, Ken pushes Hugo into the portal too.

Dirk and the Boy arrive in Wendimoor just before Suzie attacks Amanda and closes the portal. When Suzie tries to attack, the boy takes the wand and sends Suzie to the train in the sky. The boy sends Todd back to Bergsberg to rescue Farah, Tina, and Hobbs in the world’s most adorable ambulance.The Boy helps Dirk to understand some things about the universe and the role of Dirk and those like him. He then sends Dirk and Mona (who had hitched a ride as Dirk’s jacket) back.

Bart is in despair on a pile of vanquished enemies when the Boy finds her, and she’s disillusioned with the universe. The Boy offers to let her stay, but she chooses to go.

Hugo wakes up somewhere in the fabric of the universe, and for once he understands everything.

Farah, Tina and Hobbs are recovering, and even though he feels a little left out, Hobbs wants Farah and Tina to be proud of what they’ve done. After all, “who could possibly stop a super powerful dark wizard?” Farah, no question.

Amanda and Todd have reconciled. She’s off with the Rowdy 3 and the Rainbow Monster to find more people like Dirk before Blackwing does.

Silas and Panto! <3  All is well in Wendimoor and Bergsberg, but not necessarily at Blackwing.

Ken has managed to spin what happened at Blackwing to his advantage, and he’s “some big business now.” He’s got Bart back at Blackwing, and he thinks he’s got things under control and is ready to bring order to the universe. Priest is skeptical. It’s pretty clear we haven’t seen the last of Ken, and all I can think of is in season 1 how Bart kept telling him that it wasn’t time for her to kill him, yet.

I don’t know what I’m going to do until season 3 happens. Thank goodness Doctor Who starts soon.

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