A Bramble House Christmas Review {Hallmark Holiday Movie}

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Let’s start with the premise of A Bramble House Christmas, shall we? A home care nurse Willa (Autumn Reeser) is left a substantial amount of money, and an all expenses paid two week vacation at Bramble House B&B in Oregon, by a patient she took care of in his final days. When his son Finn (David Haydn-Jones) finds out he is sure the nurse swindled his Dad somehow and vows to find out the truth.

Some backstory:
Finn is really just resentful because his Dad left him and his sister when they were young and never reached out. Not even when his Dad got sick. Finn feels he is owed this money and that it is possible Willa kept his father from making any calls to his kids. He doesn’t say it in these words but, Willa is a treacherous leach.

Willa on the other hand has been having a hard go lately. She and her husband split leaving her a single parent. Then her son, Scout, was diagnosed with a serious illness. He has since recovered but anyone who has ever had so much as the flu can attest to how crazy medical bills can get. Willa has been taking home care jobs to make ends meet because she isn’t quite finished with her nursing degree yet. Something that had to be put on hold when Scout got sick.

Now that we are all up to date:
Finn is going to face this horrible woman at the Bramble House B&B and expose her for the no good person she is. A few problems with this. 1. She is gorgeous. 2. She is a truly good person. 3. She has a kid and Finn isn’t a monster. He’s just hurt. Oh and you know what else Finn is? The illustrator of Scout’s favorite book series. Gives him a thing to bond with Will’a son over and the perfect excuse to spend all kinds of time with Willa sussing out her dastardly deeds.

The Hallmark of it all:
Even though Finn is there to basically corner Willa and serve her with an injunction he doesn’t come off like a money hungry jerk.
When Finn finds out the money his Dad left Willa was to cover Scout’s medical bills he is appropriately moved.
There are plenty of super cute scenes like gingerbread house making and ice skating that require our leads to be all close and touchy.
The woman who owns the B&B is delightfully ornery.
Everyone finds love and their calling in life.

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