The Mayor Roundtable: The Strike & Will You Accept This Rose

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The Mayor deals with a transportation strike and the perils of dating as a public figure. See how we thought Courtney did dealing with both issues below.

1. Let’s start with last week, Courtney had a hard time with the idea of Dina not always agreeing with him. Do you think the issue of union negotiations was the right way to address conflicts between the family?
Roz: Given that Dina works for USPS, I think it was a good way to find some difficulties in Courtney’s work/life balance. He wants all of that unconditional support from her, until it affects the life’s of hard working people in Fort Grey.
Cara: I think it’s important that she and Courtney aren’t always on the same page. That lets them have some growth and keeps her from becoming oversimplified and cliché. I think the union issue is a good one, and I though they handled it well. People often forget that there are real people behind the wants and needs of unions. One of the strengths of the show seems to be the way it handles the challenge of trying to meet the needs of all constituents. Sometimes it feels a little spoon fed to us, but overall I think the challenges of civic duties are portrayed well.
Melissa: I agree with Cara – I liked seeing Courtney and Dina needing to come to a compromise, instead of Dina always being right. I also liked how the show used her allegiance to the union as an opportunity to examine how unions impact other parts of an organization. Learning how budget decisions effect other parts of government is frustrating, but necessary.

2. How do you like Amber, the union’s lawyer?
Roz: Cam we keep her around? I love Dina and Val, but the testosterone can be a bit much.
Cara: I like her. I hope we she’s around for a while. Up until now the show has been all about Courtney’s professional life, so I think we need to see a little more about how his personal life is evolving.
Melissa: Amber is cool, smart, gorgeous – she’s way out of Courtney’s league, but I think she also encourages him to be a better man.

3. Now to this week, why can’t Courtney just be happy honest when it comes to women? First he invites Amber before having fun with the meteorologist and well, that doesn’t go well.
Roz: I think this is just one instance of Courtney still being a kid in a man’s body. Learning that not everyone wants to date you for you (and not your job).
Cara: Normally Courtney’s mistakes are honest ones or made with the best intentions, but this one was just foolish. I liked the way the episode was able to drop in some quips about respecting women, but I think this just made Courtney look shallow. I expect better, Mayor Rose, especially having been raised by a mom like Dina.
Melissa: Ah, the high school trap. He was seeing Danielle through the lens of a teenager with a massive crush. When he looked like he had a shot with his younger self’s dream girl, he went for it. And it was a disaster. It’s a rite of passage.

4. Dina and Reverend have a heart to heart about her life. What say you to her crisis?
Roz: Firstly, Arsenio! But to the question, yes, Dina does need to grow up, just like Courtney is. She’s been a mom first and now she might not need to.
Cara: This show has some great guests, and I hope we see most of them again. Up until now we’ve seen Dina’s life revolve around Courtney, with the exception of Whitney Day. I think it will be great to see Dina enjoy her life a little bit more, and it would be great to see her pursue some of her own dreams.
Melissa: Dina struggling to have a life outside of being Courtney’s mom is a natural progression for her character. I’m excited to see where they take her character. Given how confident, smart, and capable she is in the spheres where she lives and works, it should be fun to see her outside her comfort zone. Also loved how Courtney, Jermaine, and TK were supporting her at church.

5. Valentina was married! How does this change your perception of her?
Roz: I like that the show is slowly revealing layers about her and her life when Courtney and friends didn’t know her. That she hid the marriage/divorce because of what happened to her as a kid was a nice touch.
Cara: I think I was like the guys, I just viewed her as a kind of work robot, so this was a great way for us to understand Valentina a little better, especially in an episode where she didn’t have a particularly prominent role.
Melissa: That was a nice little glimpse into Val’s past, both as a young adult and as a child. I wonder if “failing” in her marriage is part of what drives her now? I also wonder if they’re laying the foundation for Courtney/Valentina. I’m not seeing that kind of chemistry from the two actors, so I hope the writers don’t push it.

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