Lucifer Roundtable: Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

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Lucifer was confronted by his “mum” Charlotte Richards last night and he did not take it well. Dan didn’t take it very well either and Chloe was left to solve a murder while the men in her life were twittering about.

Let me get this straight….Dan actually went to Charlotte’s work and sat in her lobby waiting to see her? He went down there to tell her he’s letting it go? I’ve seen middle school girls with more composure after a “relationship” broke up.
Cay: Yeah, his response wasn’t the most mature, but remember, we know more about the situation than he does. She really messed with his mind and he can’t understand why or what has changed. Now she is acting like a different person and not acknowledging it and he is very confused/hurt.
Leah: HE STARTED BY SCREWING A MARRIED WOMAN. He caught feelings, apparently, but you mean to tell me he thought his relationship with her was going somewhere? Really? I want to like him. I really really do but he makes it exceedingly hard when he does nothing but stupid ass shit.
Lisa: Yeah, I had to laugh at how whipped Dan was. It didn’t bother that much though because it was a nice change seeing a man messed up over a woman for a change. Maybe that makes me bad but oh well! lol

Lucifer is really back on this childish – Father is all around me, messing with everything, meddling in my life complaining. Do we see this letting up at all? What happened to the Lucifer who didn’t give a damn and just enjoyed his life on earth? And I do not consider this constant whining about his Dad any sort of growth.
Cay: It’s about time Lucifer puts aside his Daddy issues for a while as it is getting annoying. Overall, the last few episodes have really been lacking in levity – it used to be a very fun show!
Leah: The whining. I can’t take the whining. All people have parental issues. Sure, I don’t think my Dad is God, but he was a Pastor and I was not well behaved. I don’t run around constantly crying about it. Lucifer has money, looks, friends – sort of – abilities and his Father is only doing these things in Lucifer’s mind. God has yet to actually say anything directly.
Lisa: I think it’s time for Luci to start his weekly meetings with Dr. Linda again so he can get his mind right. Nobody likes a whiney devil….he is still hot though.

Charlotte may be the only person not upsetting me this week. Do you like the “new” her? What do you think about her being his Hell while Mum was up here playing around?
Cay: I’m thinking being possessed by a celestial being for a while can really screw with your mind. I find myself feeling sorry for her because she doesn’t understand why others treat her the way that they do. That stunt with the gun really showed how much it has all affected her – she has lost her sense of self-preservation – that few minutes could have meant throwing her entire life away. Makes me wonder how her relationship is with her family right now.
Leah: I feel bad for Charlotte. It’s not every day you get taken over by a Goddess and end up in Hell where you realize how terrible you were before. It can’t be an easy readjustment period. She’s divorced, has no visitation rights with her kids and is missing months of time. I like the idea that her and Lucifer might actually be friends and that she took the whole being in hell thing seriously.
Lisa: I felt really bad for Charlotte. I have to take my hat of to Tricia Helfer because she did a great job as the new Charlottle last night. I hope we see more of her.

Also….who is running Hell? Someone/thing has to be.
Cay: maybe some brother (or sister) that we’ve not seen yet? Or maybe it’s kind of on autopilot – the torture is automated and doesn’t require supervision?
Leah: Amendiel showed up on earth because he didn’t want to run Hell, he wanted Lucifer back. Someone must be handling day to day operations.
Lisa: Things that make you go Hmmm…….Pierce??? lol I don’t trust him so I’m picking him for everything.

I’ll end with…I miss Maze and Dr. Linda (and Amenadiel)!
Cay: Yep, even Trixie couldn’t save this one! Although I liked the plot about melamine in the high protein pudding – it very much appealed to the nerd in me. For those that don’t remember, melamine was the cause of a huge pet food recall 10 years ago after a bunch of dogs and cats died from kidney failure when someone in China put it in wheat to artificially increase the protein content (just like with the pudding).
Leah: I need those “extra” characters to even out all of the dramatics from our other characters.
Lisa: Me too. Maze and Trixie should be in every episode. I will say the swear jar bit was cute. Luci & Trixie have a good dynamic.

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