The Brave Recap: The Greater Good

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The Brave continues to knock it out or the park each week. Loving this show. This week’s episode found the team in Mexico to plant a bug on an infamous arms dealer. Of course things never go as planned, but they get the job done in the end.

The DIA receives intel that Rainier Booth, arms dealer extraordinaire, will be in Mexico for a very short amount of time. Patricia let’s Dalton’s team know that instead of killing him or capturing him, she wants to bug him. Get intel on all of his clients.

On the ground in Mexico Dalton’s team, with the help of Vargez, Mexico Intelligence, they set up a plan to replace Booth’s phone with a similar bugged model. Booth is so paranoid he actually disposes of his $100,000 phone every few days. That plan is a no go. After some more thought they decide to pretend to rob Booth. He has a necklace his mother gave him and it is the only thing he keeps at all times. The team rips the necklace off in the “robbery” switching it out for a bugged copy and leaving it behind. Booth falls for it and all is good.

Expect it isn’t. As Dalton and his team are about to be wheels up they get a message that Booth thinks his mistress is the leak. How else would he be able to be robbed. Who else would know the information. It had to be her, or the guy he was doing business with. Booth tells his head of security to take care of her. The problem with this is the mistress is the leak of information. She is the informant that Vargez is a little in love with. He can’t let this happen.

With a little luck Team Dalton manages to make it look like it was in fact the man Booth was doing business that set him up. Suspicion is off of the mistress and she is safe.

Back at the DIA Hannah is visibly having issues with this mission. She is having trouble focusing, her breathing is shallow, etc… Noah notices and asks if this is related to her last field mission. She says yes but basically to mind his own business. Turns out when she was in the field the guy Booth is selling guns to had her kidnapped and carved up (the pictures were pretty gruesome) before leaving her on the side of the road to die. When she hears over the wire that Booth is going to have his mistress killed she freaks out and calls Dalton without waiting for an okay from Patricia. Thankfully Patricia tells her it is okay, but this can never happen again and all is well.

The Brave airs Monday 10/9c on NBC

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