The Good Place Roundtable: Dance Dance Resolution

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The Good Place settled into it’s regular time slot this week with a series of attempts by Michael to make the perfect Bad Place. It was all hijinks and hilarity until the townsfolk went on strike. They just want to go back to biting and impaling people. How hard is that to understand, Michael? Our thoughts are below. Check them out and let us know what you thought.

How do we like these constant reboots?
Leah: I’m still on board. It’s like the writers had too many jokes and this is a good way to get them all on screen
Roz: I cracked up at how many reboots we had in 22 minutes! It was so impressive and they all crack me up when Michael fails.
Cara: I like the too many jokes theory. Even little things like the changing name of the restaurant were good, Michael’s increasing exasperation with Eleanor was great.
Melissa: That was fantastic! Guys, THIS SHOW!
Cay: I thought it was a good way to get to the real reboot – having the gang in on the gag, so to speak. I think it could have gotten annoying if it had kept on like that for a few episodes, though.

And now that I’ve finished the episode….Team Eleanor and Team Michael I presume “battling” Team Real Eleanor. Does this mean torturing them is on hold for a bit?
Leah: To quote Monica from Friends, “It. Just. Got. Interesting.”
Roz: I hope we get a break on the torture, but only because the other Eleanor has a mission and a clear purpose.
Cay: Although Michael needs to be able to demonstrate at least some torture, right?
Cara: I’m curious to see what new directions the torture will go in, especially given the way we’ve seen the other Eleanor develop. I think we’re in for a new kind of hilarious failure.
Melissa: Eleanor is diabolical! I mean, when she was alive, she was all sorts of scheming and vindictive. Now she has all kinds of power to torture…who? demons? Yeah, it definitely got more interesting.

Do we believe that once your fate is decided it’s sealed? Mindy is not great, and she does some “bad” things, but she gets to stay in the Middle Place. Eleanor does the right thing (some reboots) but stays in the Bad Place. Can that change depending on your behavior?
Leah: I’m hoping that this can turn into a purgatory situation. Maybe they can find redemption of some sort. End up in the Good Place
Roz: I think Eleanor is going good, but all those years of scamming old people are probably more than what she’s doing right now.
Cara: That’s something that’s always bothered me about the show. Eleanor really was a dirtbag, but Chidi wasn’t nearly so bad. We haven’t seen anyone from the good place so far, so maybe it’s time for some heavenly intervention.
Melissa: I feel like the rules for who goes to the Good Place, the Middle Place, and the Bad Place have become really convoluted under Michael’s tenure. I like Cara’s suggestion that it’s time for someone from the Good Place to show up with guidance.
Cay: Technically, Janet is from the Good Place…I do feel like Eleanor and Tahani are worse than the two guys. Chidi is annoying, but doesn’t have an intentionally mean bone in his body. And Jason’s just too dumb to be bad. Mindy, on the other hand, doesn’t seem any better than Tahani or Eleanor. Oh well, it may not make a lot of sense, but it’s funny, so I’ll go with it.

Favorite Scene?
Leah: Janet “dying” Her excuses and hitting the sand cracked me up
Roz: Jason’s DDR explanation.
Cara: Janet’s dying scenes were great. It’s such a great character, and D’Arcy Carden does such a great job with this role. I also liked Michael’s moments of reflection in his office at each reset too. This episode was like a series of outtakes. It had so many great moments.
Melissa: “It was dope. The End. By Jason Mendoza.” Also, Janet was fantastic! She’s torturing Michael every time he reboots!
Cay: I’m with all of you – Janet is awesome and Jason is so dumb it’s hilarious – he doesn’t fit in with the other 3 for sure!

THE GOOD PLACE airs Thursday 8:30/7:30c on NBC

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