The Brave Roundtable: “For God & Country”

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The Brave is one of a few military rescue shows on this season, and after watching the pilot it sets the bar pretty high for good characters and intense drama.
A Special Ops Team lead by Dalton gets the order to rescue an American doctor who has been kidnapped. In D.C. analysts lead by Campbell guide the rescue mission. See what Rueben and I had to say below and be sure to check back each week to read our recaps of the episodes.

The rescue of the doctor was played out in the teaser trailers for the show, but did you see what was coming for the bad guy they thought was dead?
I suspected Dalton had something planned for him, but I wasn’t sure of the execution (no pun intended) of just how they were going to get him until the beeping started. Pretty clever that he used the semtex in the wife’s empty clip.
Leah: I’m okay knowing the ending as long as how it plays out is interesting…and I felt it was. I did figure Dalton had a plan but I did not see the specifics of the plan coming.

Do you think we will be told what happened to the intelligence agent who Amir replaced; the one who was Jaz’s best friend?
Rueben: I can’t imagine they won’t look back on that at some point to give more backstory not only on the team but also on Jaz’s relationship with that guy or girl [not sure they actually said if it was a guy or a girl].
Leah: I am sure they will bring it up. Lone female in the field….her backstory should be a good one.

Give me Mike Vogel with a gun any day. On the other hand I was pleasantly surprised, and pleased, to see a female in charge without being obnoxiously ball busting.
How do you like our team leaders?
Leah: I’m 100% on board. They were good characters without being too much of anything. Sometimes the stereotype of a boss on TV is too much for me.
Rueben: I agree, it was great to have a strong female leader who did her job well without having to prove she is the toughest person in the room. She showed her intellect and compassion. Love Mike Vogel too; and I really liked his character. I like that he thinks outside the box and his team obviously respects and trusts him.

Pilots are hard to do, a lot of people to introduce, tone to establish. How do you felt they did? Is The Brave a show you will continue watching?
Leah: I liked it. I thought they established some good dynamics. There is a lot more to figure out about everyone. I will definitely be watching.
Rueben: I was pleased with the introduction of each character as they appeared on the screen, it just made it easier to identify them and understand their role in the action. None of the story seemed trite and gave us just enough of each character to make us want to know more about them. I will make a point to watch more episodes for sure.

The Brave airs Monday 10/9c on NBC

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