Wynonna Earp Recap: “Gone as a Girl Can Get”

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Here is the official synopsis of Friday night’s new episode of Wynonna Earp:

Allies become enemies when a vengeful wish goes awry.

A World without Wynonna Earp

The episode opened with Waverly, Nicole and Jeremy dealing with a multitude of Revenants all over the Earp property – that was actually called Holliday Haus in this alternate reality; a reality where Doc Holliday was seemingly the Bobo of that world [more on Bobo shortly]. But, the three of them seemed to know about Wynonna, knew they had to get her back somehow before the barn and the Revenants were blown sky high. Holy crap!!

Down a Well with Help a Phone Call Away

Doc was, once again, trapped in that damn well; but this time around it was only temporary as one of his Revanant followers [what the hell?!] soon appeared to get him out. Thankfully Doc didn’t lose his memory of Wynonna like everyone else, but he was in for a BIG surprise: he was ‘the boss’ of the Revenants. Holy crap!!

Allies are Enemies and Lovers are Friends

It was a bit of a role reversal throughout this episode with Doc and Dolls at odds with each other while Nicole and Waverly were merely friends; and Waverly was engaged to Perry. How did that happen?! What’s more is that Bobo is back in Purgatory and at the end he was back teaming up with the Merry Widows.

No One Harms the Baby

Waverly, in this reality, had no memory of Wynonna; only her sister Willa, who was killed along with their father by Bobo – at least in this reality. When Waverly questioned Bobo at St Jude’s [who lets a young girl inside a padded cell with a clearly demented ‘person’?] why she was the only one alive after the massacre of her family, Bobo said “no one harms the baby.”

Too Many Bite the Dust

While it was great to see the Revenants blown sky high twice in this episode, watching Doc and Dolls shoot each other and, worse yet, watching both of them die was really hard. Thank God it was an alternate reality; and with the destruction of that damned cursed trophy, Wynonna was brought back and everything that happened in that alternate reality was wiped away. But that didn’t include the Merry Widows and Bobo because, of course, Wynonna has to take them down in the season finale, right?! But will she have the baby before that showdown?

Awakening the Beast

It has been the goal of those damn Merry Widows to awaken their shared husband – sister wives are gross no matter how you look at it – so, that horrible growling that Wynonna heard and those creepy eyes that we saw at the end of the episode, most likely belong to that long-dead husband, huh? This showdown is not going to end well.

How do you see the battle between Wynonna and her foes going down? Do you think she’ll have the baby before, during or after the battle? What kind of baby is she going to have for that matter? Please share your thoughts below.

The season finale of Wynonna Earp will air on Syfy on Friday, August 25 at 10/9c.

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