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COMIC-CON 2017: Thursday highlights

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Day One of 2017 Comic-Con International was full of lots of entertainment and certainly set the bar high for the days to come. If you’re following the @nicegirlstv Instagram, you would have caught some of the action (and if you’re not, please do because we have so much fun to share with you all), but with Day One done and dusted the Nice Girls can now share their highlights of the day…

Lisa: Official Day One of Comic-Con has been awesome! I went to the John Barrowman panel (Rueben & I have never laughed so hard), Stitchers panel, Shadowhunters panel (awesome), met Tricia Helfer again (Lucifer’s Mom) and took a selfie, got my tarot cards read at the Midnight, Texas offsite (so fun), met the president of NBC and talked about Midnight, Texas, roamed around the Gaslamp District and hit the exhibit floor. Whew! Now it’s time for the Fandom party with Big Boi followed by the Sony party. (Please let Idris Elba be there!!) Fun times!

Leah: My highlight for Thursday was sitting in on the 12 Monkeys press room. Looking forward to their final season! (Click through the gallery below to see some of Leah’s press room snaps.)

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Melissa: I know Tim Rozon from Schitt’s Creek where he played the (usually) hirsute Mutt for two seasons. He was MIA in season three because he was off saving the world as the less hirsute (but mustachioed) Doc Holiday on Wynonna Earp. We met him at a party for Wynonna Earp fans on Thursday where he was mobbed but handled it all cheerfully.

The Nice Girls with Tim Rozon:

Rueben: John Barrowman’s “Anything Goes” panel was out-of-this world hysterical today. He was wearing a glittery Tardis dress and was the life of the party for an 11 AM panel. I have an entire video of him singing Copacabana with the audience singing along with him…  Best part of the day was him!!! I also got to see some great clips for Shadowhunters, 12 Monkeys and Colony along the way too. I can’t wait to see what Mynda shares from her Outlander encounter.

Mynda: Outlander knows how to please! Check out this video:

#Outlander KNOWS how to PLEASE! @outlander_starz #SDCC

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It also looks like lining up for the Game of Thrones Experience was worth the wait for Mynda:

That’s a wrap on Day One! We’re off to Day Two, so stay tuned for today’s highlights and be sure to follow our Instagram, @nicegirlstv!


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