4 Wonderfully Weird Moments from American Gods ‘Lemon Scented You’

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This series is truly divine! We are five episodes in to American Gods and it continues to gain momentum. Tonight’s ‘Lemon Scented You’ seduces us with yet another dark, surprisingly beautiful visual feast wrapped around a tantalizing tale. Below are four wonderfully weird moments which were a joy to behold.

1. Laura’s Brutal True Confession & Resurrection Moment

Shadow (Ricky Whittle) took his bride’s sudden appearance a lot better than expected but the truth of her actions proved to be more than he could bear. Personally, I think Laura (Emily Browning) was doing pretty well up until the goodbye BJ revelation.
Well, that and one to many ‘puppy’ references. She seriously needs to come up with a new pet name for the guy!

Laura’s kiss with Shadow was a revelation to say the least! He actually made her undead heart beat! Nevertheless, zombie Laura’s timing still sucks because when she asked “Are you still my puppy?” Shadow’s response is immediate. “No. I’m not.” Clearly their relationship needs some serious work.

2. Media’s Bowie incarnation & Revelation with Technical Boy

Media (Gillian Anderson) brilliantly embodies another pop-culture icon and her taste is impeccable! David effing Bowie! For shame! Technical Boy (Bruce Langley) should have realized what an honor it was to be given newbie god advice from Ziggy Stardust.
The new god’s tutorial with TB gave us an education as well in regards to the danger they fear in Mr. W. “They believed it was true and it was. Not everyone had to. Just enough. That’s what Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) needs. Just enough. Maybe just one.”
Is that ONE Shadow Moon? Methinks yes!

3. Laura’s re-education of Mad Sweeney

Shadow may no longer be Laura’s puppy, but this chick is tenacious! She is not about to go down without a fight. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like coming back from the grave!

Sweeney (Pablo Shreiber), despite his old god status, is just as hard headed as Technical Boy and it was again up to the ladies to give the education. She beat the shit out of that leprechaun with the flick of a finger! Who knew zombies could be so strong? I don’t know if her newfound power comes from her love of Shadow, but one thing is for sure, Sweeney is not getting that coin back. ”Never, ever ever. Not ever!”

4. Mr. World’s failed seduction attempt

The leader of the new gods (Crispin Glover) makes quite an entrance and his opening act is 100% Hollywood Glam! Even with Media’s classic Marilyn Monroe manifestation to lighten the mood, Mr. World is clearly unhinged. His plan of unity along with Technical’s half-assed apology was a decent, albeit poorly
rainbow and unicorn laced effort.

Insanity and salsa tirades aside, at least World knew when to quit while he was ahead. A lesson which Media was all too happy to teach Technical the hard way. He should have listened to Mr. World when he described Wednesday. “This man is older than you will ever be. He has wisdom. Has knowledge which is different as you would know if you had either! This man deserves our respect!”

Questions & Observations:

• WHAT attacked Shadow Moon in the sheriff’s station? A tree?
• Why was the coroner dude looking at ponies on the computer?
• How can we convince show creators Bryan Fuller and Michael Green to cast the former Hannibal, Mads Mikkelsen, as a god?
• Media is gloriously tempting, however this fan still worships at the altar Wednesday.

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