American Gods – Laura Moon OWNS her Life, Death & Hereafter!

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In tonight’s  American Gods episode ‘Git Gone’, fans were  treated to the wonderfully gruesome backstory of Laura Moon. And, folks this is one wonderfully complicated woman. Previously all we knew about Laura was the manner of her death. Tonight we learned the details of her life and how one decision, led to it’s devastating and and absurd end as well as a new beginning.

This episode touches on the reality of today’s women and faith in society in several brilliant ways. Laura herself explains it best when she and Shadow spoke of the importance of belief and her disappointment in life. “There is nothing to believe. Trust me. I’ve looked. My parents believed in everything. They taught me all of it. Chapter and verse. I went to bed every night in a world full of magic where anything was possible. And then one day you find out that Santa’s not real, and then the Tooth Fairy isn’t real and Jesus isn’t real. And, it’s like everything that made the world anything more than what it is just snake oil but worse because snakes are real.”

Laura, much like most little girls was taught to believe in Fairy Tales and to expect their ‘Happily Ever After’ only to rudely discover it is untrue.  She bravely walked right into her own mistakes with both eyes wide open. Robbie and the bug spray were both ill equipped tools used to deal with life’s disappointments. Personal responsibility is a bitch of a lesson learned. Sadly, Laura belatedly realized she needed to be her own self-rescuing Princess only after her own demise.

And, what an afterlife it turned out to be! Laura looked straight into the eyes of Anibus himself and OWNED IT like a CHAMPION! “I lived my life good and bad.” She learned the most important word of all, NO. Laura’s NO, along with a little help from Mad Sweeney’s misguided coin, was so strong that it brought her back, but for what purpose?

In life Laura may not have had faith, but in death she found it in Shadow Moon. “I have my own private sunshine. He’s the light of my life. I love him now.”

Questions & Observations:

• What is the task Anubis spoke of that Laura must complete?
• Laura seeing her husband as this giant beam of light further solidifies my opinion that Shadow Moon may be an upcoming new god.

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