AMERICAN GODS: 5 Questions from ‘Head full of snow’

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American Gods is groundbreaking television! This weeks episode left me with several HUGE questions. Let’s jump right in with the ladies and discuss polite death gods, weather creation, down-and- out Leprechauns, THAT SCENE and more!

The whole Anubis event was ethereal and oddly comforting. I like the idea of death  arriving politely by surprise. Anubis was even kind enough to taste the woman’s sauce and allow the cat to attend. In the end at the scales, his pronouncement was beautiful.”Your best is good.”

1.What did you think of the Anubis Coming to America open?

Roz: I’m really liking all these Coming to America cold opens and this one was sweet and macabre in equal measure. It was both obtuse about death and straight forward because we never heard the answers to Jacquel’s questions.
Alex: In terms of visuals, this may be my favorite scene of the series so far. It was absolutely beautiful, but it definitely carried dark undertones, like when Anubis suddenly ripped her heart out.
Leah: First time I watched it I thought, “well okay, that was nice.” but the second time I watched it I saw it as a lot darker. It’s been my favorite Coming to America so far.
Cara: Visually, I liked this story more than the others.  It seems to replace a story in the book that I really liked,  and I think the change does a good job of introducing Anubis. I wonder if the cat is Bast.

I’ve watched this scene three times now and I cannot puzzle out the reason for the snow. Mr. Wednesday brings up belief in a dozen different ways and then directs Shadow to focus on snow. Shadow’s faith is a huge concern for W.

2. Did Shadow Moon or Big W cause the snow?

Roz: This all felt like ‘what came first: the chicken or the egg?’ so I don’t know who caused the snow. I do like that we don’t have an answer now.
Alex: Chicken or the egg is a good way to put it. Wednesday probably gave Shadow the power in order to make Shadow believe in him, but Wednesday gets his power from people believing in him. So yeah, tough call.
Leah: We can all just agree with Roz, yes? Chicken/Egg.
Cara: I can go with the chicken and egg analogy,  but I’m not sure if the power comes from Wednesday. Wednesday brings it up in the first episode when he questions what holds the plane in the sky. Does it happen because we believe,  or do we believe because it happens? But,  again,  this scene had some great imagery.

The Jinn. First we have Bilquis and her magic va-jay-jay, now we are gifted with an equally erotic and intimate same sex encounter. I for one, appreciate the show creators willingness to explore sexuality in all it’s facets. Gaimans depictions could have been glossed over which would have made for a much duller tapestry. Thankfully Brian Fuller and Michael Green bravely jumped in with their eyes wide open and we all benefited from the journey. It was quite simply STUNNING!

3.  What was your take on the scene between Salem and The Jinn?

Roz: In the end, I think Salem needed to feel something and The Jinn could provide that. At the end, I think Salem has a purpose now that he didn’t have before meeting The Jinn.
Alex: Given how the gods survive, I’m sure The Jinn needed Salem way more than vice versa, especially since he made the comment that very few people knew any accurate information about his kind. I suspect Salem received the cab not just out of gratitude but also because he gave The Jinn so much power The Jinn no longer needs to drive it, at least for now.
Leah: The scene was well shot and really nicely done. I don’t think I got what you guys did though, I thought The Jinn transferred himself into Salem and became him. The Jinn still drives the cab, he uses to meet people, etc…and Salem ceased to exist. Sacrifice to his god.
Cara: I’m with Leah on this.  Repeating the “I do not grant wishes” line made me question whether this was Salem or the Jinn.

Zorya Polunochnaya, the third sister gave Shadow a token of protection. She is also very curious to discover Shadow’s faith.

4. Why have the god’s have taken a keen interest in Shadow?

Roz: I’m so curious about this question and I don’t have any answers yet.

Alex: Yeah, Shadow’s the “Chosen One” for a reason, I just have no idea what that reason is. Maybe he’s a new god and doesn’t know it yet?

Leah: I’d love to know why he is so “important” but I assumed the sister was curious about Shadow’s faith because that is what god’s do. Faith is what keeps them around
Cara: If the character stays true to the book,  I know why he’s important,  so I’ll just keep quiet on this one.  This episode and the last have dropped a lot of hints that Shadow is going to be very similar to the book.

Mad Sweeney’s luck has run out and it appears Shadow’s recently deceased wife was the unlikely recipient.

5. Do you believe his wife is the center of his faith, or is she yet another unlikely side effect?

Roz: I’m not sure if Shadow has faith in anything, but I guess that makes him a perfect person to be the audience way into the narrative. The world keeps working against Shadow and he goes with it as much as he can, so maybe his wife is a side effect, or maybe she’s just as passive now as Shadow is.

Alex: Laura could be the center of Shadow’s faith, since he said he didn’t believe in love until he met her, but I personally believe she’s just a “side effect.” We’ll see.

Leah: Can I say how much I love Mad Sweeney? Just. Love. Him. Faith in the ones you love is strong. Shadow’s wife was his whole purpose for living, getting through prison, etc…Seems like she could be the center of his faith because he loved her so much.

Cara: I think Shadow put all his faith in Laura, and that faith has been called into question by the circumstances of her death.  I think Shadow is in the process of learning to believe again, and I think he hadn’t completely lost faith in Laura,  which might be what brings her luck.  And,  I am also on team Sweeney.

BONUS! The Nice Girls are in agreement! Mad Sweeney, with or without luck is FREAKING AWESOME! #TeamSweeney

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