Blindspot Roundtable: Jail Breaks, Girl Fights & Ronda Rousey

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This episode was jam-packed with action! It was a nail-biter and Ronda Rousey guest starring as Devon was icing on the cake. See what Nice Girls Rueben, Roz & Lisa have to say about this episode, In Words, Drown I.

What did you think about Ronda Rousey being Devon? Did you like her story line?

Rueben:  Her character was a means to an end to get at Parker, but they could have gotten any actress with fighting skills and it would have worked.  Having Ronda in the role didn’t win me over or stop me from watching.  In short, it didn’t matter to me either way who was playing Devon.

Roz: Given that the episode needed someone who could fight, there aren’t many other women available to do it (it could have gone like Haywire and used Gina Carano is the one other I can imagine), but I think the idea of using Parker’s girlfriend to get what they needed was smart. I wish she hadn’t been fridged for the sake of getting Parker after we learned so much about her, but that’s probably just me.

Lisa: Somehow I missed the trailer for this episode, so I had no idea Ronda Rousey was guest starring. I was so excited when I saw her because I knew there was going to be some major ass-kicking and she didn’t disappoint. Roz I agree the only other person I thought of was Gina Carano (who I’m also a fan of – fighting not acting). I wish we could have had her on a few more episodes.

How do you think Jane telling Weller the truth about Roman killing Emma will affect their relationship? Will he be able to get past it?

Rueben:  Well, this isn’t the first time that they’ve had a major issue pull them apart, and this probably won’t be the last.  I have a feeling, though, that Weller isn’t going to let this one be swept around the rug.

Roz: I think Weller’s already trying to put it under the rug, but I think the general emotional tenor of Weller was all over the place this week. He’s just too volatile when it comes to Taylor to be that cool.

Lisa: I think this is one incident that will always be stuck in his mind. I want him to sweep it under the rug, but I don’t think he will. This might be that one thing he can’t look past.

Patterson. Isn’t it time for her to take a vacation? How long does she have before she snaps (even more so than she did tonight)?

Rueben:  I’m surprised she hasn’t snapped before now, and what we saw in the new episodes is, assuredly, only going to be the tip of the iceberg.  I doubt a vacation is going to help much, but lots and lots of therapy AND her coming clean with herself that she has a lot of issues to work through.

Roz: This whole team is ready to snap with this case and I give her another episode before ish gets BAD. This whole team needs some good therapy or a new career because there’s nothing good happening to anyone.

Lisa: Agreed Roz. They all need therapy! I feel so bad for Patterson. She has been through more than any person should and she’s handled better than I would have. I would have lost it!

Zapata stepped up in this episode and showed she is truly a badass. Do you think she will take it too far with what appears to be a plan to go rogue?

Rueben:  She certainly did, didn’t she?  Of course, we get the explanation why she was arrested after the fact; but that only added to the dramatic reveal, right?  As for going rogue, that could be deadly especially given what we saw in next week’s clip.  I hope that maybe Reade can talk her down??

Roz: She’s learning that there are no rules here and I think that she’ll want to test that idea more and more – especially since there’s only two episodes remaining.

Lisa: OMG! Only 2 episodes left! We need more! Ok, I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not a Zapata fan, but she really kicked ass tonight and I loved it! I agree with Rueben, I hope Reade can talk her off of the ledge because she is treading in dangerous waters.

*Deep Breath* Roman remembered that Jane erased his memory. Where does he go from here?

Rueben:  As soon as he cut his finger, I started saying “Sh*t!” under my breath; and then he had the flashback and, of course, then I screamed as the screen went black.  This is going to end badly with brother and sister duking it out.  If Jane is able to best him, they’re gonna have to put him into some kind of solitary confinement or else he’s gonna be like a rabid dog.

Roz: Nowhere good, that’s for sure. But I think this season has been about testing the limits of everyone in the team so who’s to say if Roman will best Jane or Jane will best Roman.

Lisa: I too was yelling at the TV! Nooooo! I was not ready for him to remember. This changes everything and is more bad news for Jane and the team for that matter. I just hope everyone walks away from this alive at this point.

Episode MVP?

Rueben:  Without question – Zapata.  She stepped up in really unexpected ways, but her plan to go rogue – which became extremely obvious at the end of the episode – could really end up biting her and the team in the ass in the end.

Roz: I’m on the Zapata train too, but she was the one leading this mission. She’s taken a role in this recently and figuring out what she should and shouldn’t do when there are no rules.

Lisa: I can’t believe I’m saying this but Zapata it is! I’ve got to give a huge shout out to Ronda Rousey too because she was pretty awesome.

Any additional comments/predictions?

Rueben:  Did you ladies see all those body bags in the clip for next week’s episode?!  OMG, it’s going to be so intense and I’m already fearing how bad things are going to turn out.  So, I’m afraid to speculate at all.

Roz: I can’t even with that fade to black and everything else. There’s just too much left unsettled for two final episodes.

Lisa: Those body bags freaked me out! There is so much going on and I can’t see how they can resolve anything in 2 episodes. We might all need therapy after next weeks episode. We will have to wait and see!

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