AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Roundtable: All the Madame’s Men

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S.H.I.E.L.D. spent some more time in the Framework in this weeks episode. See what we have to say about all of it and let us know in the comments what you thought.

1. It’s taken me until now to really think about Madam Hydra’s first name being Ophelia. Is she trying to be her own tragedy with this attempt at sentience without Asimov’s Laws?

Rueben: I didn’t even think about her having a first name. Did they mention it in previous episodes, and I just completed missed it? Regardless, perhaps she thinks its being ironic to have that name? I think no matter what name she chose, tragedy will befall her. Look at Daisy did to her – that scene was just amazing to watch, right?
Karen: They mentioned it in the episode where she “came out” as Fitz’s lady love and head of Hydra. I think Fitz just called her by her name, so it was easy to miss. I’m quite sure it’s a direct nod to Ophelia from Shakespeare. I mean, look her up. How alike are they? I also think she’d think it’s a complimentary comparison, and not a derogatory one.
Roz: I remember her name being mentioned, but until she nearly died I didn’t think much of it. But now that she’s paralyzed (or could be) it felt like she’s been trying to create a narrative to fit all of her faults with AI programming.

2. May and Coulson have a shared moment of deja vu. How happy are you to see them being the May and Coulson we love?

Rueben: I was glad for that little deja vu moment, as was SO relieved they didn’t have them kiss. I don’t want a May/Coulson romance, just the close camaraderie/work partnership they’ve always had. It was great to see May come nearly full circle too, wasn’t it?
Karen: They had to, right? I mean, they’re so close in the real world. I’m also very okay without the May/Coulson lovey-tiemz. I know there are a LOT of people that want to see that ship set sail, but I’m not one of them. I think they’re a work married couple, but that’s about it. I’m not downplaying it, that’s an amazing connection – as you could see in this week’s episode. A bond that continued even when they didn’t remember each other.
Roz: Lords of Kobel I don’t want them to be an actual ‘ship, but this arc has been so hard with how many people are not our people. It’s good to get even small moments where they feel like the team we know in all of the gloom.

3. Ward seems accepting of his fate in The Real World. Do you think this is truly his redemption?

Rueben: I hate to admit this, but I actually felt bad that Ward was gonna sacrifice himself, as this is the man he should have always been in our world. But, given what that SHIELD agent told – that it’s not HYDRA outside the news station, perhaps he will live to fight on a while longer.
Karen: AIDA is trying to become a “real girl,” (pinocchio anyone?), so what’s to stop anyone (except Mace) from manifesting in someone’s body in the real world? I’m not saying Ward will do this, I think he’ll end up saving the day by sacrificing his “life” for the team, but knowing more about what *Looking Glass* is makes things very intriguing. It also leaves open the return of other characters like Tripp and Hope. Again, not saying any of this will happen…
Roz: l hadn’t even thought about Ward getting into Mace’s body, but I think it has merit. But that Ward wants to do good and is will to go that far is a nice change. Maybe this version of Ward that is good needs to have more time to show his colors.

4. Is Resistance truly powerful?

Rueben: I think they can be if they get enough people behind them, but it also depends on what evil twists Fitz has up his sleeves; and just “saying” that breaks my heart. I cannot stand seeing him like this. It’s just such a stark departure from the Fitz we’ve all grown to love over the seasons.
Karen: I want them to be. I think they have determination on their side, and the element of surprise. AIDA is pretty predictable, she’ll be on a straight-line path towards her goal – Fitz is who they have to really worry about navigating around. And they have to try and sway him, which won’t be easy. The Resistance also has Ward, who knows he doesn’t have a future in The Framework, so he has nothing to lose. He’s a wild card, and AIDA won’t have a counter for that.
Roz: I want it to be powerful! Given the number of people who showed up to help SHIELD at the studio I think there’s room to show how strong we can be.

5. Thoughts, concerns, favorite lines?

Rueben: The look on Daisy’s face when Coulson stepped up in his role as SHIELD agent and would-be “man in charge.” That was priceless. As for concerns, I go back to what Fitz and daddy not-so-dearest are going to do next. It’s not going to be good that’s for sure; and Ophelia/Aida is getting closer and closer to her end game within both worlds. What happens next there is very troubling to me.
Karen: It was touching when they mentioned the heroic death of Bill Paxton’s character (John Garrett). I also enjoyed the digs at the current POTUS, I caught three, there might’ve been more. (Fitz vows to “make society great again,” Bakshi informs one of his co-workers that he’s willing to take her on a trip to a furniture store, and Coulson, once given the ability to broadcast the truth about the events at the Re-Education Center, mentions alternative facts.)
Roz: I want to cause so much pain to Daddy Fitz!

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