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Blindspot 2.16 Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd I Did Live

After several weeks off, we got a new Blindspot this week and it jumped right back into the action with the exposure of Cade as Nas’ asset inside Shephard’s organization, Reade facing a drug test at work, Patterson finding their mole in the last place you’d imagine, and a  cliffhanger at the end to top it all off.

This week’s title, rather than a standard anagram, is a palindrome – it reads the same forward and backwards…except for 1 extra “L”, which has been suggested to be part of Weller’s name. As an interesting aside, this exact phrase has been reported in books going back to at least 1712. But, time to get to the matter at hand…

Here are our thoughts on this episode, please tell us yours in the comments!

I wish shows with complex mythologies like this didn’t take such long breaks within a season these days – it makes it so much harder to follow the story and remember all the pieces!

Leah:  Right? It took me a second to get back into it.

Rueben:  I’m glad they did the recap, but I agree it would be better if show’s this involved didn’t have breaks so viewers don’t have to wrack their brains as to the storylines.

Roz: Yeah, this long of a break made me forget too much!

Lisa: I know! If they didn’t have the little recap at the beginning I would have been lost.

Cade is Nas’ source! How much do you believe his story? Do you think we’ve seen the last of him?

Cay: Interesting to see him back after Jane used him as her excuse for being away from Shepherd so long earlier in the season. I don’t think we can trust anyone but Weller, Jane, and Patterson on this show!

Leah: Does no one just die for real on TV anymore? To be honest, and this may be just me, I am a little underwhelmed by the identity of the source. Definitely guessing we will see him again, and I’m having trouble caring.

Rueben:  At first, I thought maybe it was Oliver who took the money, but when it turned out to be Cade – it was like a “what the hell” moment.  I have to side with Leah, Cade should have stayed dead and I still don’t trust, believe or care about him.  I have a feeling, despite my opinion, that we will see him again.

Roz: why can’t we just keep people dead? He’s too oily for me to believe right now. Even if he did help the team moving forward, I don’t trust him.

Lisa: I agree! Stay dead people! Unfortunately, I don’t think that is the last of him either and I definitely don’t trust him.

A bug *in* Patterson and then having to deal with Nigel? Girl can’t catch a break!

Leah: That poor girl! If she doesn’t get an upbeat happy story soon I’m just going to cry!

Rueben:  Preach it, Leah.  I feel SO bad for Patterson.  She just needs to catch a break in her life, the same way she catches a break in figuring out all of Jane’s tattoos and all the other awesome ways she has helped the team.

Roz: why can’t she catch a break? And why is it always her that gets taken down a peg? I just need some goodness in her life again.

Lisa: I feel so bad for her too! I mean seriously how much crap can one person put up with. My heart was breaking for her when she was in the dentist chair and tears were rolling down her face.

Cay: Yay, I would have definitely opted for the meds – something really good. More pain is what she doesn’t need, she doesn’t feel “anything” because she hasn’t had time to process it.

Do you think this is Reade’s rock bottom, or do you think getting lucky didn’t make enough of an impression on him? What do you think Weller will do?

Leah: I don’t think he’s hit bottom yet. We are going to have more WTF moments with his behavior. Weller seems like a tough love kind of guy. He isn’t going to take this well, and he’s going to be mad at himself for not seeing this sooner.

Rueben:  He was damn lucky that his result was negative; but it’s for sure that until he hits absolute rock bottom, he isn’t going to learn any kind of lesson.  I think Weller is going to go ballistic on him; and deservedly so.  I had such respect for him until he started spiraling out of control.  As mean as it sounds, I want to see him suffer and then redeem himself in a big way.

Roz: He’s not at the bottom yet, but it’s a near thing to me. Soon as Weller finds out, I think Reade’s got some explaining to do.

Lisa: I wish it was his rock bottom so we can put this irresponsible and out of control Reade to bed, but I don’t think that’s the case. I agree with Leah and think there are more WTF moments in his future. I just hope he gets it together before it too late. And I’m looking forward to Weller ripping him a new one when he finds out.

Cay: Yep – I don’t think Weller will enable him. I’m glad Zapata was brave enough to go to Weller (assuming she follows through with telling him!). Reade needs to go get some rehab/therapy and get his life back together!

And, just when it seemed like Jane’s creepy boyfriend might make up for his last weird freakout, the romantic moments is interrupted by masked gunmen.

Leah: How many issues can you have before you just call time of death on a relationship? Do they even have a relationship? They spend so little time together I can’t get a bead on if I even like them.

Rueben:  I still have to wonder if Oliver isn’t involved in Sandstorm somehow given those masked gun men.  Were they there for Jane or both of them or just using Oliver as a guinea pig to get at Jane?  I don’t think they have a relationship at all either.

Roz: No why? It now feels we need more stakes when I just want answers to questions.

Lisa: I never trusted him! I knew it wasn’t going to end well when Jane got the text from him. I second all of Rueben’s questions above. Who was the target?

Cay: Yeah, my first thought was Oliver, but Jane makes more sense. I assume it has something to do with Shephard, but maybe it will turn out not to be.

Favorite lines/scenes?

Leah: I am far from Team Nas but the way she got out of the attack in the car was badass and I loved it.

Rueben:  I have to admit that the stand off between Borden and Patterson in that shed was pretty great; I think that maybe Patterson was able to get at least a semblance of closure (maybe?) with taking him down, but the way he went out, nearly taking her out to, was intense.  I also loved the line she yelled at him, “What do you think highly flammable means?”

Roz: That fight scene for the win!

Lisa: Patterson and Borden showdown in the shed. I was never happier to see someone get shot. Go Patterson!

Cay: I’m with Lisa – I was so happy to see Patterson shoot Borden. He so had it coming. She should have shot him in crotch…

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