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We’re getting a mini-Ugly Betty reunion in next week’s episode of Superstore. In the episode titled “Integrity Award”, Amy returns to her childhood home to help her mom and dad move, with Tony Plana once again playing America Ferrera’s father. The duo played father-and-daughter for four seasons on Ugly Betty (which I rewatched a couple summers ago; it holds up well).

NBC released some photos of the two, as well as Amy’s mom interacting with…Jonah? Yep, Amy’s winsome colleague joins her to help her parents move and ends up in Amy’s very pink childhood bedroom. I do enjoy getting glimpses of character’s childhood bedrooms; they provide visual clues about the person’s history and backstory that can add a lot to characterization.

Meanwhile, back at the store, Cloud 9 introduces the Integrity Award and Glenn is determined to win it, although Garrett is proving to be formidable competition.

“Integrity Award” airs Thursday, March 16 at 8/7c on NBC.

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