TIMELESS Roundtable: The Red Scare

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Timeless wrapped up Season 1 last night with a doozy of an episode. The team travels back to 1954 to try to stop Rittenhouse once and for all. Lucy learns a family secret and Jiya is left in an interesting position.

Do you buy that Mason wanted to be the good guy working for the bad guys?
I get that we need some way to dismantle Ben Cahill, but it seems too good to be true. Bad guys need to be bad here not morally grey. The switch at the ends seems too nice a bow to wrap up a gift of answers with.
Leah: Nope, don’t buy it. Anyone that sells there soul for however much Rittenhouse paid him is bad.

No Jiya, NO!!!!
I’m not on board with this, just to see Rufus cry. But her visions are creepy and I’m just not sure what to make of it in the end.
Leah: I am also not on board with this. Also because of Rufus. That man has been through too much on this journey. He has saved the day in time periods where he was not welcome (aka all of them). Now, suppose I can wait to see how this all works out, but it had better all work out…otherwise I riot.

What the what? Discuss your thoughts on the button.
Oh crap! I just don’t want to imagine what Carol meant of what Emma was really doing.
Leah: I’m all for craziness on shows that have been picked up for another seasons. This though is going to drive me insane! I am going to need to know what is going on regardless. How do I set up a meeting with the showrunners? 🙂

Flynn made a comment about Lucy aging well – does that mean he’s been into the future?
: If you can’t go into your own “timeline” can you travel beyond it? I get a little too caught up on the details of time travel. Maybe that is where Lucy gave Flynn the journal? In a future timeline.
Roz: I want to know if it means he’s been to the future or if she’s gone back to see him. Especially with that final idea that Lucy’s been groomed. How is she rebelling?

Lucy’s Rittenhouse Royalty!
I suppose I can see the fun in all the power but at the cost of the horrible things Rittenhouse does, how can her Mom expect her to be okay with this? Lucy is a good person.
Roz: Man, that’s not the royalty I want to be a part of. But yes, Lucy’s a good person so I don’t see her playing the game of Rittenhouse for long, if at all.

Is there a time you’d like to see them visit in Season 2?
If the future is a place we can check out I always like to see peoples vision of the future.
Roz: I’m all for seeing more of Europe not in the 20th century. So give me France in the 1790s or England during Elizabeth I reign.

Timeless may have finished it’s freshman run but you can watch Season 1 episodes over at NBC

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