42 Thoughts while watching The EXPANSE ‘Static’

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1. Holden and Miller aren’t besties anymore. Looks like he doesn’t have the stomach for murder.

2. Sexy time between Holden and Naomi just got SQUASHED!

3. Miller’s got GROUPIES TOO! Where do I sign up??

4. Alex tries to act cool, but under that wit is a huge heart of gold!

5. That prisoner is seriously messed up.

6. Did you see Amos? I think his crazy bonded with Cortazar. That scares me even more than the Marine Martians!

7. Do those Marines EVER SMILE??

8. Nope!

9. OOh-Rah Marines!!

10. Gunny doesn’t mess around! She’s got one heck of a hook!

11. Time to interrogate the mad scientist! Amos is looking at him like he’s in love. What are you doing??

12. Alex, honey you can’t change the past no matter how pretty the simulation.

13. Love to see handball survived over the centuries.

14, Eros music??

15, Maybe his groupies are on to something.

16. I am totally in love with the Miller story line. Mao really shook him to the core. He is changing in spite of himself.

17. Speak of the devil. Hello Julie!

18. Naomi’s got the right attitude. When life is crazy, sometimes you have to create your own joy and DANCE!

19. Amos may have something VERY MUCH in common with Cortazar.

21. Gunny is a HOT head! Will she crack under pressure when the chips are down?

21. Christen is always playing the most dangerous game.

22. Gallows humor is always appropriate when circumstances are most grim.

23. Fred has his chance at redemption with Christen. Will he take it? Can he trust Christen?

24. Amos I knew it! Like is drawn to like and THAT is truly terrifying!

25. Beautifully dead. That’s a phrase I won’t son forget.

26. And….just like that! Cortazar spills his guts. Amos played him like a violin!

27. ADORE the tribute to Richard Hatch. That is CLASS. Well done The Expanse, very well done.

28. Look at that shot! Brilliant! What are you becoming Miller?

29. “Have you ever talked to a pedophile.” Oddest question ever.

30. Slowly all the blanks are filling in.

31. I don’t EVER want to see a photo molecule in person.

32. Cortazar may be the key to stopping the whole thing.

33. Miller found simulated heaven. What’s the catch??

34. Ah…no air would be a biggie.

35. Something tells me Miller is seeking more than just their salvation.

36. It’s MUSIC?? Whaat???

37. Holden looks horrified and Cortazar is delighted. Those two are polar opposites which makes me wonder how Miller would react to the mad scientist.

38. Christen! Language!! Who’s calling?

39. Ha Ha! Alex too! Looks like The Expanse needs a swear jar.

40 Holden and Naomi make a great team.

41. Fred and Miller are surprisingly like minded.

42. “I didn’t kill him because he was crazy. I killed him because he was making sense.” Best line ever.

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