KILLJOYS INTERVIEW! Hannah John-Kamen Reveals What’s Next for Dutch in S2!

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“We set the bar very high in the first episode. It just grows from there.”

cast_killjoys_dutch_0Killjoys is BACK in a big way tonight! Recently we had the opportunity to speak with our favorite female bounty hunter, Hannah John-Kamen, on what fans can expect in season two. Hannah walked a fine line in teasing the series’ sophomore season without revealing too many details.

When we last saw the top bounty hunting team in the Quad, things were decidedly unsettled. Dutch and John are unsuccessful in preventing the attack on Qresh while D’avin is captured by Khlyen and taken to Arkyn. The team’s separation is something that continues throughout the season. Hannah told us the roles for season two changed. “We will all be doing our own thing. Last year I worked a lot with Aaron and Luke, but with this season I work with different people for a long period of time because of the way the story goes. I won’t say who, and what, and when but that was very different for me.”


“There is going to be a little rift between Dutch and Johnny this season.”

KILLJOYS -- "Enemy Khlyen" Episode 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Aaron Ashmore as John -- (Photo by: Ken Woroner/Temple Street Releasing Limited/Syfy)

Dutch struggles with her relationship with Johnny. The dynamics between characters this season are changing. She is torn between her protective nature with her friend  and allowing Johnny his freedom.  This conflict is a real challenge for Dutch.  “There is going to be a little rift between Dutch and Johnny this season.

The against-the-grain relationship between the trio is what Hannah believes keeps fans coming back for more. “You don’t really see that. When there are two guys and one girl in a relationship, it’s inevitably a love triangle.” The complex relationship between the characters is something Killjoy’s and show creator Michelle Lovretta does best.

Dutch’s past continues to come back to haunt her. When asked about her characters story arc this season Hannah was quick to elaborate. For Dutch, you will absolutely be seeing more of her past come to light and there is a real struggle (she) has with herself. A struggle with what is good and what is evil.”

“For the audience it is going to be a bit harder to see Khleyn as the bad guy.”

KILL2_KhylenDutchKhylen naturally comes to mind when evil is mentioned. Hannah told us we see a different side of her nemesis moving forward. ” Khylen and Dutch have a complicated and conflicted relationship.  Its’ easy to hate Khlyen.” We will learn more about her former mentor’s past and the reason behind his actions. “For the audience it is going to be a bit harder to see Khleyn as the bad guy.”

The scope and scale of the Killjoys universe expands this year.“ The world is a lot bigger. We have just discovered Arkyn and with that comes really awesome new and exciting characters.” And, as most things in life, the devil is in the details. Every episode provides clues for the future. “Things this season will be revealed. You kind of forget about them till you find out the bigger meaning later. Everything ties together. What we find on the warrant will play together later on.”

KILLJOYS -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy)

Hannah revealed that Dutch was personally a real challenge this season. “Taking on the role of Dutch requires a lot of emotional and physical strengths. The stakes are higher this season for those she is close to. Finding that emotional strength and the conflict within Dutch was very tough for me.”

Hannah’s favorite episode this year is the seventh written by Michelle Lovretta. “Dutch is very witty. She’s not very trusting but the people she believes in. She has her own fun in her own way and we see that part of her in episode seven. There’s some amazing one liners in it, and Dutch as a really good look.” Dutch’s clothing also takes center stage with the costumes taking on a Space Odyssey vibe.

In closing, Hannah spoke of her admiration of Dutch’s loyalty.  “She will move mountains for the people she loves. The range of emotionI get to play in one character is amazing.”

“We have the first girl on girl fight this season. “

Hannah very much enjoyed the fight scenes which I must say she took to like a duck-to-water. “It got a bit crazy learning to fight, but luckily it came naturally to me. And, as a final tease shared; “We have the first girl on girl fight this season. It was really fun.”

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