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What a sneaky episode! Claire let her suspicions get the best of her and we find out that Cam is total blabbermouth and Haley is a great photographer. Who knew? Let’s get down to it!

Gloria is upset at Jay because he had a “sexy dream” about a woman and she heard him say “baby” over and over in his sleep. She knew he wasn’t dreaming about her because she hates to be called baby. At breakfast the next morning, he tried to kiss her goodbye and she dodged the kiss. He knew she was mad at him, but didn’t know why.

Mitchell went out to lunch with a friend who confided in him that he got calf implants. He made Mitchell promise not to tell Cam because Cam is horrible at keeping secrets. Mitchell tried to defend Cam and realized he couldn’t sell it. He knew Cam was a blabbermouth too.

Mitchell came home after lunch and Cam knew something was up. Mitchell tried his best not to tell Cam but eventually he did and told him not to tell anyone. He promised Mr. Calf implants that he wouldn’t tell Cam because everyone knows Cam can’t keep a secret. Cam was disturbed that he was known for running his mouth and couldn’t enjoy the juicy gossip as much as he would have liked to.

Claire doesn’t trust Luke and Manny’s new friend, and when she got a tip from Haley that they were at a place where stoners hang out, she and Phil went to spy on them. They get to a junkyard and can hear the kids but can’t see them. Phil breaks out his drone (that he uses for business purposes of course) and uses it to spy on the kids. They were making a zombie movie and it was totally innocent. They tried to leave without being spotted, but the kids saw the drone.

Haley had a photography class event that she was very nonchalant about. Claire told Alex to snoop through her things to find out more about it. Alex found out that only five students in her class were chosen for the event and it was a big deal. Claire informed the family about the event so they could come to support Haley (even though she didn’t want them to).

Jay went to Claire and Phil’s to pick up Manny (but he wasn’t there) and told Phil that he thought Gloria went through his phone and was mad at him for emails she found. He told Phil that he let a woman borrow money and didn’t tell Gloria, and that must be what she is upset about.

Everyone shows up to Haley’s photography event with trust issues. Gloria is still mad at Jay (for the sexy dream and now she knows he is hiding something since he assumed she went through his phone and found something). Mitchell doesn’t trust that Cam kept the calf implant secret, and Claire doesn’t trust any of her kids for anything.

Jay tells Gloria about the woman he loaned money to and she assumed that was who he dreamt about. He told her he actually had a nightmare that baby Joe was on a ledge and was about to fall off. That’s why he kept saying baby. She forgave him and all was well (even though he really had the dream about the dog falling off of a cliff, not baby Joe. He just couldn’t admit that to Gloria).

Mitchell took Cam’s phone and saw that he told everyone about the calf implants just as he suspected. Haley arrived and wondered why everyone was there. She found out Claire made Alex snoop around and they found out about the event. Her photography exhibit was excellent. It was a collection of family pictures and she was excited that someone actually bought one of her photos (it was of Gloria of course). The family loved her pictures and her parents were proud.

No matter what this family goes through, they always come together at the end and we love them for it.

Modern Family airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on ABC.


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  1. Melissa

    February 6, 2014 at 11:13 am

    I’m so glad they’re following up on Haley’s outfit-a-day-posts-as-small-business with this more academic/professional photography exhibit. It’s important to show that people are smart in different ways.

    Also, the photo of Claire and Gloria is a reenactment of a classic moment captured on film – Sophia Loren checking out Jayne Mansfield’s, ah, assets –

  2. Joyce

    February 8, 2014 at 7:23 am

    The writers are creative geniuses. The story lines are fresh every week. One of my favorite shows. Great recap.