BONES Recap: All that Glitters

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BONES 8.20 The Blood from the Stones

Case of the Week:

A desiccated corpse is found in a car on a vacant lot and Team Jeffersonian is on it. The body has been shot several times and before death the victim apparently swallowed a balloon full of cut diamonds. Complicating matters is a visit from a documentary filmmaker doing a fundraising film and the Jeffersonian’s insistence that Clark also be involved in the movie. The victim is identified as Quenton Coles – a security guard at a diamond broker. They find out from the owner of the diamond shop that the victim was an undercover cop.

Bones_ep816_sc5_0040The local police captain tells Booth that the detective was investigating a gang that was stealing big money from ATMs. Booth tells him about the diamonds, but he denies that the victim was stealing them. The victim’s wife blames the captain for her husband’s death.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, particulates from the bones around one of the bullet wounds lead the team to a certain bridge in DC. Searching the scene, they find a severed foot near the pillar where the bullet from the victim struck a pillar. The foot is from a woman, and it was shot off by a shotgun. Conveniently, a shot gun was found in the trunk of the car with the victim.

Angela traces the code that the gang used to hack the ATMs back to an IP address and then to a real address. Booth and Brennan go to the apartment and find a very ill woman with a severed foot in bed. The stump is severely infected. Booth calls the paramedics. The woman tells them that went to exchange their cash for diamonds and the detective took their money and then a gunfight ensued and the detective shot her foot off. She is unable to tell them where her roommate is.

Clark determines that another bullet would in the detective’s body came from a DC police weapon. Booth and Brennan are driving when he gets a message that the woman’s roommate’s car has been located in a parking garage. Booth and Brennan arrive and find the DC police chief beating up the suspect and throwing him down a flight of stairs. They question the officer and he asks for his lawyer.

Bones_ep816_sc6_0022Booth interrogates the roommate, who tells him that Coles stole all their money. He denies killing Coles, but admits stealing money from ATM. They were going to buy diamonds and then sell them to launder the money.

Some additional evidence on the bones (leather, alcohol, fragrance) leads them back to the victim’s wife who admits killing him after Booth has her house searched and finds the murder weapon and the money in the safe and confronts her. She killed him when he wouldn’t quit his job for her, even after he stole the diamonds to give to her.

Character Development:

Brennan assumes she’s going to be the star of the movie and starts acting like a diva and is of course reluctant to share the spotlight with Clark. Later, when she watches some footage of the documentary, she realizes that she looks like a “rude and really mean lady”. Booth assures her that she’s not usually like that and that he’d never leave her for a nicer person.

Caroline and the filmmaker make a love connection

Booth reminds us at the diamond shop that he’s waiting for Brennan to propose

My Thoughts:

Not sure I buy the motivation of the wife killing the husband and I could have done without the severed foot. The documentary was a typical quirky BONES plot device, but it did allow for some introspection on the part of Brennan. The conflict within Booth because the victim was a cop wasn’t given much attention and as a result really didn’t seem to hold much emotional gravity.

Memorable Quotes:

I’m not a sidekick, I’m king of the lab! – Hodgins

I’m clearly the protagonist in your film! – Brennan
That’s actually my call – filmmaker

I actually *am* a genius! – Brennan

Smart. I hate smart criminals – Caroline

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