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New York, New York! This episode was all over the place from New York present day to New York in 1977. There was Silas, Lexi, a red-haired Elena and the race to the cure. We have a lot to cover so let’s get to it!

We begin with a flashback scene to New York in 1977. There was a couple walking down the street and they saw a man face down on the sidewalk. They thought he might be dead and wanted to help but the man was gone in a flash. Next the girl screamed and Damon was feeding on her neck (nice playing dead trick Damon). The man asked if he was the Son of Sam serial killer and Damon said he was the Son of Giuseppe.

Back to the present, Damon and Elena were in New York. Damon told Elena they were there to feed and have fun, but he was really looking for Katherine and the cure, he just didn’t want her to know that. Elena went off on her own to explore and get her hair done. While she was gone, Damon called Stefan to give him the scoop. He told Stefan he was in New York because his friend Will (the vampire sent to attack Haley) used to get fake ID cards for vampires and he thinks Katherine was one of his customers.

At the Salvatore’s, Stefan invited Klaus over because he needs his help finding Silas. Caroline wasn’t too happy about Klaus being there. Stefan filled Klaus in about Silas and his intentions. Silas wants to die and be reunited with his true love, but since he’s supernatural if he takes the cure and dies, he will get stuck on the other side. If he destroys the other side, he can take the cure and die but every dead supernatural being will return. This information piques Klaus’ interest because he has a lot of enemies he does not want to face again. They need to find Silas before he completes the third massacre.

Silas (using Shane’s body) met with Bonnie. She wanted him to show his face instead of using Shane’s body. How could she trust he was who he said he was when he looked like the shady professor? He told her he wants her to do the last massacre which would complete the Expression triangle.

Damon took Elena to a club he used to hang out at. He would kill people and get their IDs for Will, and in return Will would let him feed in the club (Damon you bad boy). In a flashback scene Damon was about to feed on someone and Lexi stopped him. Back in the present, before the story could continue his head was pushed down on a table. Rebekah was not happy that he followed a lead without her.  Rebekah told Elena that Damon was there searching for the cure. The flashback scene continued, and we found out that Stefan sent Lexi to help Damon after he heard Damon turned off his humanity. Elena could see where this was going. She didn’t want Damon to “Lexi Her.” Elena admitted to Rebekah that she was playing Damon. She wants to find the cure so they don’t force her to take it.

Stefan, Caroline, and Klaus searched the shady Professor’s office. Klaus poked fun at Damon being with Elena in New York. Stefan said Damon knew what he was doing, and Klaus said not to underestimate the allure of darkness.  Caroline found a book that said the third sacrifice had to be 12 witches. Caroline worried that Bonnie could be one of them.

Silas was still trying to convince Bonnie to complete the massacre by saying she could bring the victims back. Bonnie’s dad came home and she got frustrated and broke the windows of the living room with her mind. Now that she had her Dad’s attention, she told him to call her mom and tell her she needed a lot of witches. Uh oh, this isn’t going to be good.

Damon and Elena were both feeding on the same woman in the club, and he gave his side of her neck to Rebekah and snuck off to Will’s apartment. Elena saw him leave.

In the woods, Bonnie met with a witch that used to be friends with her mother. We found out she wasn’t alone; she brought her coven with her (which happened to be a total of 12 witches. How convenient). The witch told Bonnie they were there to cleanse her of Expression and it wouldn’t be easy.

At the bar, Rebekah suggested to Elena that they work together since they both want to find the cure for different reasons. Rebekah wanted to take the cure so she can have a family one day and Elena just wants to get rid of it. Elena told Rebekah that she didn’t want to work together because she didn’t want to deal with Rebekah’s feelings. She doesn’t want to make decisions based on emotions, and since her humanity is gone she doesn’t have to. Wow! Rebekah is even starting to miss the old Elena at this point.

In the woods, the witch had Bonnie on her back and she was fighting the pain. The witches joined together to strengthen the bond. Bonnie’s eyes were completely white and it was super creepy!

Damon searched Will’s apartment and realized the client’s files were in order by birth date. He called Stefan and luckily Stefan remembered Katherine’s birthday. He found a list of addresses for Katherine and Elena walked in and found him. They went back to the club and Damon finished his story about Lexi.  Lexi and Damon hung out for months and she would make him talk about Katherine. She thought she could bring back his humanity by remembering his feelings for Katherine.  Well, it didn’t really work out like that. Damon told Lexi that the person he cared about was her, not Katherine (and she believed him). They had a sexy night together on a rooftop. Lexi woke up and almost burnt to a crisp! Damon locked her out in the sunlight with a small amount of shade so she would be stuck there all day and he could get away. Damon was a really bad boy.

In the woods, Caroline and Klaus had a little vamp tiff.  Klaus asked her, “So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone who’s capable of doing terrible things, for some reason, cares only about you?” She said she did when she thought he was worth it. Then she said “People who do terrible things are just terrible people.” Ouch. That statement hit Klaus like a knife.

Stefan found Bonnie and told the witch that Silas had brainwashed her to kill them all. The witch took out a knife and was going to stab her because she was lost if Silas had a hold of her. Stefan tried to stop her but she gave him a bad headache. Caroline and Klaus got there, and Klaus told them they couldn’t stop the witch because she was linked to the rest of the coven. Caroline ran over (and ignored Klaus shouting No!) and forced the witch stab herself. She fell, and like a domino effect so did the 11 other witches. Bonnie with her creepy white eyes said “The triangle is complete.” Goosebumps! Caroline had just completed the third massacre.

Hearing the Lexi story, Elena wanted Damon to finish it on the roof. She took a bottle and gave Rebekah a smirk. When they got up there she came on to Damon. She told him she had never done it on a roof.  She put her hand in his back pocket, and he could see right through her. He knew she was looking for the list of addresses.

Damon wanted to save Elena from doing something she couldn’t take back. After he got his humanity back, he avoided Lexi because she was a constant reminder of his wrong doings and seeing her when she showed up for Stefan’s birthday, made him feel guilty and that is why he killed her.  

Elena swore she was not taking the cure and Damon said she would even if they had to snap her neck and give it to her. As if on cue, Rebekah was there and snapped his neck. Looks like Rebekah and Elena have joined forces after all. They got in Damon’s car and were off on a mission to find Katherine.

Bonnie woke up and couldn’t remember anything after Jeremy trying to take the cure away from Silas on the island. Stefan was there and figured her loss of memory was because of the witches. Stefan was going to have to break her heart all over again and tell her about Jeremy. So sad!

Back in the woods, Klaus made 12 graves for the witches. He told Caroline she could tell herself she did it to save her best friend, but one life lost is better than 12. At that moment, it hit Caroline. She said “I just killed 12 people.”  Klaus sweetly said “You look like you’re in need of comfort,” and she looked like she was going to hug him and then he said coldly “Why don’t you find someone less terrible that you can relate to?” Wow! She had to eat her earlier words. Caroline ran off and Silas appeared (still in Shane’s body). He told Klaus if he got the cure for him, he wouldn’t have to worry about taking it. Klaus told Silas he wasn’t afraid of him. Silas pulled out the white oak stake. That got Klaus’ attention. Silas said Rebekah’s mind was much easier to read than his. Klaus went for him but Silas disappeared and then popped up behind Klaus and stabbed him in the back with the stake. Gasp! He didn’t want to kill him, but wanted Klaus to have something to remember him by. He told Klaus he will be in touch.

What did you think of this episode? What do you think about Elena and Rebekah teaming up? Will we ever see Silas’ real identity? Who do you think will take the cure? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on the CW.

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  1. Violet

    March 22, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Rebekah… I was starting to like her, but after this episode, not so much. And Elena is seriously getting annoying! I love her as a vampire (much like I prefer Caroline as a vampire), but this switch thing is making me loathe her (guess that’s the point, maybe). If they were smart, they would have just given the cure to Silas to kill him like the Hunters set out to do… (maybe Jeremy would still be okay, but who knows). I’m just sick of them thinking that the world revolves around their own town of Mystic Falls with little thought to what happens in the whole world… but don’t get me wrong, I love TVD, and am rooting for Elena to snap out of it. I don’t want her to take the cure though! Oh and I think Klaus really missed out on a good opportunity to be there for Caroline for sure.