LOST GIRL Recap: Season 2, Episode 3 “Confaegion”

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As the episode opens, Bo (Anna Silk) is fighting off a Fae giant (guest star Rob Archer) – well, at least a really tall, abnormally muscular guy – working for the Morrigan (recurring cast member Emmanuelle Vaugier) who is trying to retrieve the video that Bo took of the Morrigan in a compromising position, which Bo has been using to hold the Dark Fae leader at bay.

Thankfully, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is there to help Bo out, getting an advantage on the giant after taking a tumble in the mud. It seems this is the third attack on Bo that week by the Dark Fae and Kenzi is tired of it; not to mention that Kenzi isn’t all that thrilled about Bo’s relationship with Dr. Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and that Lauren and Kenzi don’t really like each other. But, Bo wants a truce between the two most important women in her life; begrudgingly Kenzi consents.

Meanwhile, the giant reports back to the Morrigan with an excuse about how a succubus and a human beat him; but that doesn’t stop the Morrigan from planning another attack on Bo, stating that if Bo thinks she can play in the big leagues, “let the games begin”.

Elsewhere, Vex (Paul Amos) is meeting with Lauren to determine whys his power isn’t working since he was injured in the battle against the Goruda. Lauren tells him that his condition could be more psychological than physical, which Vex doesn’t well. It seems that Vex has been on a tangent about his power not working, driving everyone crazy; and he ends up going back to the Morrigan with Bo’s camera in hand (which he pilfered from her at the Dal), allowing the Dark Fae leader to delete the incriminating video. He, in turn, makes a deal with the Morrigan to help her take out Bo in order to regain his power and status. But, the Morrigan drops a parasite into the drink she offers him, sending him on his way.

During all of that, Bo is giving an assignment by the Ash (K.C. Collins) to retrieve the staff of righteousness – which she seems to find fairly quickly – and returns back to the apartment with it in hand.

But, that parasite soon enough begins to wreak havoc after it escapes from Vex’s ear (yes, ear – ew!) and straight into Bo’s ear (again, ew!). Very quickly she seems to be affected by the parasite, reverting back to almost a childlike manner. She then pays a visit to the Dal where the parasite jumps to Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid) and eventually over to Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten), affecting both of them in the same way.

It doesn’t take long for both Lauren and Trick (Rick Howland) to figure out something is seriously wrong with all three of them, forcing Lauren to quarantine them inside Bo’s and Kenzi’s apartment. Shortly thereafter, a man who looks like a pig shows up at the apartment, being drawn there by the staff. Kenzi and Lauren try to force out of the apartment, and when Kenzi grabs the staff, it literally welds itself to her hand and gives her nearly super-human powers, allowing her to knock out the pig man, but the blow he took sent him flying across the living room ramming into the wall, killing him on impact.

While Kenzi and Lauren put together ingredients to create an antidote to get Dyson, Bo and Tamsin back “to normal”, after finding the remnants of a cocoon on the back of Vex’s ear, he races off to the Morrigan to learn what the Dark Fae leader did to him. She reveals that the parasite reverts its victims back to an age where their Fae powers have not developed, allowing them to be susceptible to attack. And, much to the surprise of Kenzi and Lauren, Vex shows up with ‘three little piggies’ in tow to take back the staff of righteousness and to get his place in the Dark Fae community back.

Kenzi fights back against the piggies, overpowering them with some stealth ninja moves thanks to the staff of righteousness; but eventually the overpower her and Vex swears he will chop off her hand to get the staff in order to take it to the Morrigan. But, he ends up taking out the piggies instead (he bonded with Kenzi more than he realized); and Lauren administers the antidote to Bo, who takes out the piggies in quick succession with only a play-by-play voiced by Lauren and Kenzi.

After they are returned to their old selves by the antidote, Tamsin (who revealed to Bo while they were under the power of the parasite that she is a Valkyrie – “what is that?” Bo asks?), they all share that they don’t remember anything that happened – and that is probably for the best given how crazy they were acting. And, Trick helps Kenzi to get the staff off her hand permanently; he has a “little fun” with Kenzi first, but eventually tells her she simply has to say “I decline” and the staff drops from her hand.

In the final scenes, the Morrigan is raked over the coals by the Ash, because she violated the new peace plan between the Dark and Light Fae by going after Bo; and he warns her that she needs to stop. And, Vex decides to not only leave the girls’ apartment but get out of time to “find himself” and Kenzi surprises herself by how sad she is to see him leave.

Confaegion” was written by James Thorpe and was directed by Paolo Barzman.

Make sure to tune into Syfy next Monday, February 4 at 10 PM for the next episode of Lost Girl called “Fae-de to Black”.

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