BEING HUMAN: A Werewolf & A Human Sit Down for an Interview – Kristen Hager & Sam Huntington

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Syfy has been doing a great job of promoting their show Being Human and as such gave us a chance to talk to more awesome cast members – Sam Huntington and Kristen Hager.

Check out what they have to say below and in case you missed it you can find our Being Human interview with Sam Witwer and Anna Fricke here.

Sam Huntington: Yes, we formed a support group and it’s been really helpful. There’re only two of us so it’s small but I feel like we’ll build, you know, as we look to the supernatural it doesn’t go anywhere and I feel like we could really help people out. I feel like maybe, so just give it some time, you know.

No, to be honest though, I do now sympathize more with Meaghan in the first two seasons, you know, with her being a ghost, you know, not being able to touch anyone, all the restrictions that were on her. I kind of felt similarly once I got cured of my werewolfism so I definitely felt Meaghan Rath’s pain for sure.Being Human

Kristen Hager: I think that, like this season we’ve really gone back to what worked so well in Season 1 with the roommates and keeping everyone’s storylines connected and that camaraderie between everyone and the writers did a fantastic job this season in bringing that back, so I think everyone’s been really excited about that because we always have the most fun on set when we’re all there together.

Sam Huntington: And, you know, it was kind of a – it was a goal for the writers to put us all back together because it was their favorite thing to write, too, I think as well. You know, it’s light and it’s fun and, you know, we all work pretty well together so.

Kristen Hager: Sam Witwer said being a werewolf is easier than being a vampire?

Sam Huntington: I think Witwer is full of shit, man.

Kristen Hager: He hasn’t walked a day in our shoes. How does he know?

Sam Huntington: No. No, well, I think probably what he’s referring to is the fact that – I mean, I don’t know, like Aidan does have it pretty rough just because he’s done so much damage in his past. So it’s his own damned fault.
You know what I mean? He’s dug his own grave, if you will. But, you know, and I guess the other thing you could say is, you know, werewolves I guess are alive. You know, they’re alive. They have blood moving through their veins so, like, there’s that. But, you know, I think really it all depends on the particular supernatural being like Josh.

Kristen Hager: I was going to say, I think it’s a case by case, you know.

Sam Huntington: I think Josh tortures himself, you know, Josh hates what he is and that’s something that’s hard to live with. Nora, on the other hand, just like loves us.

Kristen Hager: Well, no, of course. She went through her phase where she absolutely loved it then and then, you know, by the end of Season Two, she’d seen the very, very dark side of what this new found aggression means and the consequences that come with that. And so it scares her and so, no, she’s like, by the end of Season Two, she’s very much questioning what this is and whether this is what she wanted and is really trying to grasp any sense of humanity that’s left inside of her. So no, it’s definitely a daily struggle with her too and Season Three brings a whole new set of obstacles and struggles comes with being a wolf.Aidan-Josh-being-human-us-18521742-602-337

Kristen Hager: I mean, I feel like with Nora, she just has so much baggage in her past and then – and I’ve gone through so many hardships and, you know, it’s like she was a victim honestly for so long that at first being a wolf it was scary but then right away this newfound, like, sense of power that she felt inside, it’s just like it’s very comfortable in her skin. And, you know, right away that newfound strength was something that she embraced.
And then obviously by the end of Season Two, it had gone so far that it was something that began to terrify her because she saw what she was capable of because you really have no control when you’re the wolf. And so the energy was, you know, she was really trying to hold onto any semblance of humanity that was still left inside of her. I really tried to relate to that.
So by Season Three, a year and a half has passed so I feel like Nora just found a very nice balance between really being able to live her life as much as she can as a human being for 29, 30 days a year and on the full moon going and being the wolf and then returning back to a very human life. And that’s where we are at the beginning of Season Three and obviously things will come up, more wolves will come into town which will then, you know, instill that sort of wolf – the wolf urges in her once again. And that’s always going to be a struggle for her, the balance of what, you know, do I love this, do I hate this?Being Human - Season 3

Sam Huntington: I think, you know, Josh has that kind of feeling like he’s, yes, he’s pure but he still wants to be one of the gang so he’s feeling – yes, I think you hit the nail on the head, like a square peg in a round hole and he’s not able to – especially with Nora, I think.
You know, he’s constantly just being, like, I’m still part of this. I’m still – I’m supernatural too. And Nora’s like, no, but you’re not. You know, you’re my boyfriend and I love you but you should embrace the fact that you’ve gotten your wish.
I think it’s unexpected how he reacts to his humanity to get his life back or his, you know, curing himself of the curse. I think he probably expected himself to be elated and relieved and instead he’s feeling like an outsider and it’s not that – because at the end of the day, he’s still in the world. He’s still there, his friend, his girlfriend, the people he surrounds himself with are still these supernatural beings but he’s not, so anyway. It’s really cool. It’s fun to play. It’s a really interesting thing.

Kristen Hager: Well, Josh and Nora have been living there by themselves for a year and a half so obviously their goal has been to bring back Sally and Aidan but then once Sally and Aidan get back, you know, then we’d all sort of figure out how to live with each other.
And I feel that what the audience will come to see is that, like, Aidan and Nora have the hardest time with that dynamic because, you know, we had our moments in Season Two where we butted heads. And so that carried over into Season Three. So I think it’s safe to say that there’ll be a few conflicting moments between Nora and Aidan this season.

Sam Huntington: I was just bummed out that Nora didn’t redecorate Josh and Nora’s room. This place – we could just have a paint job and maybe some new sheets. It’s, like, still the same shithole. But – dead frogs and teeth on the walls and just the weirdest…

Kristen Hager: We were, like, all excited but the room wasn’t real impressive.

Sam Huntington: It’s, like, a room from the movie, “Seven.” It’s like, oh god. But…

Kristen Hager: Josh is very protective of his belongings.

Sam Huntington: Very protective. He must be because none of them left. Well, yes, that was kind of nice. But yes, so I’m just joking. But it was kind of funny. And it’s good news all around and that Nora gets more screen time. She’s a fun character. And her and Josh are amazing together and it’s good stuff.struzan-being-human

Kristen Hager: Definitely. Like, I can speak for Nora. That’s a huge arm for her this season. You know, we find out – you know how I went off – she went off and around the world. You find out where she went and what happened and all the consequences from that really bubble up to the surface in Season Three.

Sam Huntington: Which is cool in my opinion because a lot of the times when you have a fantasy based show, it’s so easy to gloss over the things that the characters do and the negative things, it’s easy just to forget about them. So I was really, really happy that the writers were, like, no, no, no—you people are definitely going to pay for what they did and it’s really cool. It’s really, really cool. And they did a wonderful job with, you know, really ramping up the danger and the tension.

Kristen Hager: And it adds to, again, the whole humanity of the show. We talk over and over again about yes, it’s supernatural but these are human beings and the way we deal with all the situations on the show is how would any of you deal with it, how would any human deal with that? And, so again, that’s a great aspect to the show is that everyone has to pay for what they do.

Sam Huntington: In the living room, there’s a statute, a little statue in the living room that we’ve named Dog: The Catman Dude because no one can really tell what the hell it is. But he’s actually featured quite a few times on the show. And he’s kind of like – I feel like he’s going to be the one, like, piece of set decoration that we’re all going to fight over taking home when the show finally runs its course. But I think Meaghan Rath is going to win.

Kristen Hager: Yes. I thinks so too.

Being Human airs Monday 9/8c on SyFy

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