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BUNHEADS: Paradise Lost – and Found Again

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Bunheads returned last night in the season 2 premiere, and we pick up several months after the “mace” incident. The studio is closed and the girls have taken on other jobs for the summer. Sasha studied with the Joffrey Ballet; Boo’s mom is pregnant and on complete bed rest, leaving the daily household duties to Boo; Melanie is taking care of her grandfather and Ginny is temporarily taking over the real estate business for her mother. None of them are happy, including Fanny, who keeps watching video recordings of Michelle teaching the girls in their lessons. It’s clear she misses her.

Michelle, meanwhile, is working as a sidekick for Magic Joe, or something like that. It’s a ridiculous job so I don’t remember the name of the act but Michelle is miserable. She’s living with her best friend, who is dating a rich, old guy. Not in Vegas though. They’re living in a small town outside of Vegas that no one’s ever heard of, Henderson, NV.

Back in Paradise, Sasha is in hiding because she doesn’t want to go home. She’s flitting between all the girls’ houses but finally has to make a decision to go home because the girls can’t hide her anymore. So she goes to the studio.

Boo meets up with the girls and she’s beside herself. She shows them a video on YouTube where she is interviewed by reporters after the maced Nutcracker debacle. Someone had created a rapping video that’s really makes Michelle look horrible, and the whole incident much worse than it actually was. The video has gone viral. While the rest of the girls are enjoying it, Boo is feeling miserable. So is Michelle when she sees it. It’s pretty funny though, I have to say.

Michelle is at rehearsals with the magic act when who does she see sitting at one of the tables watching but Fanny. Words are exchanged and it finally comes out that Fanny had come across Hubbel and Michelle’s wedding video. More fun since Michelle, if you recall, was toasted. The video shows Hubbell talking to the camera man about Michelle and what he sees in her. It was nice to see Hubbell again and kind of sad too. Fanny has decided that since Hubbell wouldn’t give up on Michelle, neither should she. She gives the tape to Michelle and encourages her to watch it, and then come back to Paradise where she belongs – because they are family. Who’d a thought?

Michelle does return and walks in on Sasha and basketball dude that she was talking to at the end of “A Nutcracker in Paradise” (season 1).  Sasha runs to Michelle and gives her a tearful hug, telling her she’s so glad she’s come back.

Sweet as ever with the usual fast-paced humor and heart-tugging storyline. I’ve missed this show and I’m so glad it’s back. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the premiere.

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